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"My period is my pride" Campaign

Our aim it provide women and girls with sustainable menstrual products educate and raise awearness. 

May is the 5th month of the year and women menstruate an average of 5 days every month.This circle is part of woman's reproductive system and has no respect for any pandemic including COVID-19
Starting today we celebrate the challenges and hardships many women and girls face during their menstruation around the world especially in hard to reach communities in Cameroon including the current IDP's due to ongoing crisis. We believe Menstrual product should be donated and dispensed like condoms for free. Menstruation is a matter Human rights. Women cannot decide to postpone menstruation. Help us reach 10000 girls/Women in rural communities in Cameroon, by sewing washable pads in your communities to support this course. You can also support us by providing material for those willing to sew, a sewing machine, funds to help us print educational Booklets, lunch our campigns in your communities, invite us to share our ideas at your events. support us support the girls. Do ans send some awearness pictures in your communities to us through the address below. Dont forget to ask questions.

For more information mail us. At………

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