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Initiative Update

#GirlsHackTheVirus Challenge

Girls in our #TechTackleProgram completed the #GirlsHackTheVirus challenge with mobile applications that they designed to help girls to report gender-based violence during the COVID-19 pandemic and after. The other mobile application supports girls to report child marriage or when they have to drop out of school. The #GirlsHackTheVirus challenge was one of some activities the girls engaged while remotely marking the International Girls in ICT Day on April 23rd 2020. Other activities the girls engaged were short videos and quotes they shared to highlight the challenges they have to endure in their journey to building ICT skills. They also had an ICT-words puzzle that they worked with to challenge their problem-solving skills. The girls are not only resilient but display remarkable passion for STEM and ICT skills. And the mobile applications they developed from the hackathon is a true testament of their passion to use technology to tackle social issues affecting girls. This time, the girls designed technology solutions to issues that affect girls not only during the COVID-19 pandemic but even after and this underscores the sustainability of the technology solutions the girls designed.

Listen to their mobile app pitches:

To successfully achieve this, the girls had to collaborate online because this activity was organised during the lock-down in Nigeria. The girls started to explore their ideas in the WhatsApp group and our mentors supported them to share their ideas, conduct research and refine their ideas based on their research and empathy with the beneficiaries they seek to reach. They designed their mobile apps and went on to code and develop their mobile app prototypes. We celebrate the girls' achievement amidst the lock-down and not being able to physically attend the hackathon and we are excited to work with them to improve their app so it is launched to empower girls to report such violations of girls' rights and welfare. It's powerful when girls are empowered to innovate solutions to their problems and we celebrate our Tech Girls! #GirlsCanCode #SheTransformsTech

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