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Molly Datillo, 22 years of age, a talented college athlete, a singer & a socialable person. Molly attended Eastern Kentucky University. She was however in her fifth year and was just about to graduate. She had already enrolled in the school on a scholarship that expired in 2003. Molly was taking summer classes at Purdue University at Indianapolis. She was also taking private voice lessons. She attented all her classes and lessons up until the day of her disappearance.

Her plans, she was preparing to Audition for the American Idol contest in August 2004 and also planned to attend her nephews party which later happened in July 2004. She left an amount of money in her bank account which was not retrieved.

She made a phone call at the Thortons gas station at the 5700 block of Crawfordsville Road. The call was to a friend but the line was disconnected when the friend picked up the phone. That was her last appearance.

6th July 2004


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