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2 seconds of JOY!!!

When you think you can do it, it is just the beginning, when you go for it, support is much needed, when you are there you have 2 choices - to do it - or find the courage to stop.

April the 18th, Sunday morning I woke up ready and aware that I will be trying rope jumping.
It was an easy decision! I always wanted to do it - since I saw it for the first time on TV. Then I found a group of extreme jumpers. In about 3 weeks the chance finally approached me.

We all met on Tuesday in a small underground lounge to watch a documentary - \"20 Seconds of Joy\" where Karina Hollekim, a 30 years old Norvegian BASE jumper, one of the few women in the whole world challenges herself into five years adventure of danger addiction, jumping from the most beautiful edges of our earth. One wrong move, cannot stop her from the passion of following 20 seconds of blissful joy.

After watching the movie, some of my friends decided to join for the weekend and jump, too. But today, one hour before the event, they changed their mind. I was alone, something was cheering me up, the temptation was getting bigger and bigger. All night I had dreams of the place I jump, even I have never been that close to it before. It was the inner readiness to try something new, get you mind busy with some other thoughts but daily performances. 75 meter high of unfinished construction was waiting for me on the landscape of a beautiful green grass and light blue sky. The weather was just perfect and the sun was playing the role of projector! The stairs to the top were another challenge on the way. Suddenly I stopped, before reaching the last two levels of a 17 floors building. It was a sign from my untrained and well fed body after a winter sedentary season. It was not the heights that scared me. I just wanted to rest because we decided to run up and up and faster and faster.

Then, after 5 minutes of recovering I continued my path. Many people were excited, jumping, screaming, and encouraging each other. People were so honest at the moment of jumping down. It was a wonderful time observing people and how they deal with their last minute fear.

About 10 people jumped before I was called. And here it was - the moment of DO IT NOW.
They tied me up, and said to go. No thoughts, no fear, not even people who would cheer me up. Just me and the universe. 3 steps and a jump into the air separated me from my dream. But, when I did my first step, the caught me, and said they were not ready with releasing me yet.

And then, the voice said to me - Now You Can Do It. Step one - Step 2, Step... oh there was no more step - I fell into nothing and there was no time to think or fear any more. It is impossible to describe what I felt or saw in just 2 seconds of joy combined with adrenaline, and the feeling of \"what is going on\" was not with me. I was balancing in the space, seeing sparkling things in the most beautiful sky ever.

Feeling the ground, the world was new and beautiful, the stream of air was fresh and all the bad things I ever worried about - were left behind. We think we perceive the world, and know how to make things right or wrong. There are thousands of concepts that we live with and never can get rid of.

Today I experienced something special, and it was enough to try it once and learn that there is so much more going on around us...

I feel like a newborn now, in the same room of the same house. But today, the bad is softer, the blanket is much warmer, the music is more melodious and every single atom of my body is filled with life.

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