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2010 VOF Week 3

Coming from a nation where the education of women has lately been prioritized by the national government, and the actuality yet to be realized the challenges are very huge for us the “fortunate ones”. I say the fortunate ones because in Liberia out of a hundred girls, fifteen is educated literarily. Since the incumbency of the first female president of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, she have initiated several development plans like the Poverty reduction Strategy(PRS) Pillar 9, which seeks to promote the educational welfare of children, specifically girls, but yet to reach fruition since five years. With the government’s introduction of the free compulsory school for primary goers, the is still a need to do more, because the amount of government schools to host only inhabitants of Monrovia, Liberia’s capital is not more than 10.Pray tell me, how is that going to work with Monrovia hosting about half of the nations population. Another problem is the difficulty in finding like-minded colleagues that will sustain my initiative for change. Because of the high rate of illiteracy, getting along with my peers to have dreams come to reality is far-fetching. Yet another big trouble for me is the difficulty in getting people to listen and respect me, especially as very young person with such vision at a tender age of 18.Because of the societal behavior of people in my country ascribing honor and respect to people of age and status, it is still a great cost to overcome.

In spite of all these difficulties, here are still people in societies that I can count on to make my dreams come true. Of these people are, Malcolm Joseph and Mr K. Abdullai Kamara all of the Center for Media Studies and Peace Building (CEMESP) who on the daily basis give me advices and encouragement to remain focus in spite of all the hurdles. With these people as my mentors its is easy to seek community support and involve them in all of the activities (planning and Implementation).And finally the biggest joy of my life, being with friend all around the world that you have not seen but is interest in making you become the best of what ever you desire is actually a plus for me, because I’m going to reach my zenith at all cost.

Finally, like in the words of Martin Luther King Jr “I will overcome” because pulse wire has afforded me an interactive platform through which I can publicized my initiative for change, and criticized positively with out fear of repercussions. They’ve also given me an environment where I’m not going to be limited in my thoughts and actions.

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