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2020/ our partnership with Liluye

Its been an amazing and learning experience working with Liluye this year. We are blessed to have carried out a training program as already reflected here
I must appreciate our partnership has brought new value to our work as a whole as its founder/ CEO Jill Langhys has always made Valuable inputs to our programs. Thanks to her recommendations we have also attended, participated and presented on lots of online events recently
Thanks so much to our amazing, adorable and selfless Jill Langhus who is ever available and willing to help out AEDVP on any concerns they raise that will make their work create more impact.
I join the Liluye family in congratulating our Partner, Fanwi Seraphine Etali  Founder/ CEO of mercy seed out reach and our World Pulse sister on the birth of her beloved girl Joanna Elvira Etali.
    AEDVP have been actively involved in the 16 days activism for the elimination of Gender based violence in an online presentation and events. One of its prominent activity was the production of a video on its activities inline with GBV prevent. Thanks to the World Pulse team where Jill Langhus (our partner) is mentoring coach. She was also the backbone to its production. Please kindly subscribe, like and share. 
0n the 9th of December We also organized a workshop on online safety tips as a step to reducing and eliminating Gender based violence.
 It was closely followed by a training on the  production of solid, liquid and powered soap for 10 girls with hearing impairment. It s our hope that participants will use the knowledge acquired to Start their own business as a means of becoming more self reliant thus reducing or eliminating Gender based violence. Next year we will be extending this same training to Human trafficking survivors girls all thanks to our partnership with Liluye and Mercy seed outreach.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

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