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5th Poto Mitan Conference Call - Wednesday Noon Eastern/Haiti, 9 am Pacific time / see tel no below

Mark Your Calendar - WED conf call.

Please join us for this weekly conversation with new members of our initial planning grup for the Poto Mitan: Rebuilding Haiti.

Conference Details:

Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Start Time: 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Dial-in Number: 1-270-400-2000 (East Coast)
Participant Access Code 162475
Co-Moderator and Conf. Call organizer: Anne-christine (d'Adesky) - any problems email me at:

Proposed agenda for Wed, March 17:

-Welcome - intro of any firsttime members incl. Michele Stephenson, Madeleine Fequiere, others -
-Apologies re mtg minutes from Anne-c (computer died)

Report back/Follow up to Last week tasks

  • Outreach (from last week) - Alice, Leonie, Janet
    -Haitian women leaders - their feedback re. Summit proposal and related to Donor mtg -Anne-c... other participants?

  • Report back Miami sustainability conf - any attendees?
    -update details on info about NY Pre-Donor meeting: Alice

  • invitation to get statement to pre-Donor conf in Martinique - Rose and Anne-c
    -Tasks related to Launch and Donor's Conf. Oct 31: preparing our statement - Anne, with input from Sophie Toupin, Leonie: define what it should say, who should get it define best venue for presenting in NY.. any UN space (Leonie , Rose update?)
    -logo and website - Julie
    -meeting place and planning steps to launch - Anne

  • New Proposal: hold a preparatory meeting for our group in NY on July 29 or 30? If yes, where?

  • Media /press contact list - Martha

-Update: Summit proposal - any developments: Tainia input - Anne, Other
-Newsletter update
- Disaster Preparedness in Haiti update

OTHER proposals: -Did anyone get hands on/Provide input to the PDNA document? Rose?

    • Look ahead: Need for women's strategic needs assessement docs from Leonie to prepare our statement - share/review/read. - updates regarding tasks in week ahead/ assign, review
      -Any Calendar updates

  • Review of next steps, summary by Anne-christine

Northern America
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