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A bigger dream ...

Life is not a dream …Utopia is not real, there is no perfect place or society as every human being yearns to be in. But to be resigned to this would bring man to depression and desperation. To know that things can be better, although not perfect as we want, in our own homes, community, society and in the world somehow brings a sense of hope.

In every country, every culture and every tribe there are women in pain, crying for self identify and for a sense of dignity and worth. I have heard a few cries, from my own family, friends and people close to my heart and the emotions so deep that have captured my being. I have shed a lot of tears not for my own but for others. Tears of a woman can only be understood by another woman.

As I have reached a level of satisfaction in my career, I believe it is now time for me to live not only for myself but for others
… to see a bigger picture and be part of a bigger community. I have learned to speak for myself, now I want to speak for others. I want to be a voice so that those who are weak and quietly suffering in pain can be heard.

In the short time that we shared journals, I found a sense of belonging and friendship with you all that is difficult to understand. I am now able to understand now, more than ever, that even in different cultures, we can still be one. Our hearts can have one voice.

The depth of the struggles women in different parts of the globe are facing and how they are rising up and making their voices be heard has been an encouragement to me. I shrunk many times after reading journals ... realizing that my
deepest pains are nothing compared to what others have experienced. These stories have touched my soul.

I am thankful for the people behind World Pulse. No amount of gratitude will be enough for the efforts and time you have given for the women all over the world. You are a great team.

It is my dream to be part of this advocacy. I know that through World Pulse I can be the voice I have wanted to be. However, if there are stronger voices that need to be heard, I will most gladly give up this dream for theirs to come true.

      • South and Central Asia
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