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A change in reality

Hello ladies - since its my first time back this year happy new year to everyone. Its been a very touch an emotional couple of months for myself and family. In November last year I suffered the passing of my mother n its been rough and downhill from there. My art suffered as well as sense of believing that everything will get back to normal and be ok again. Life as I know has taken a drastic turn now from just having a 2 year old daughter im a mother also to my two younger siblings and nephew, as an artist in this covid period im guessing we get through each day with prayer and faith that things will eventually get better and the Father and almighty will never let us down in our greatest time of need... somehow with this new reality I have found peace in creating new artwork again and have seen a change in my approach and visualization in my creative ability its almost as if its more intuitive... To everyone reading this story post, here are my most recent artworks and they are all available, and any means of help or support in anyway will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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