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A CRPD committee candidate

CRPD? That is short for for Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and there is a United Nations Committee to monitor the convention and I am candidating for just that.

So why is that interesting or relevant. As most women, I was taught to wait until I wask asked, and I have. I have waited far too much, especially after growing up to becoming a woman with a disability. Dependent on so much and so many.

But it is time to act, I have my governments support and that of my organisation, but I cannot just sit at wait for them to run my campaign.  I have to speak up, I have to take the chance and tell the world that I am the best or at least one of the best candidates for the committee.

I have to speak up, to voice the need of empowering girls and women. We need to dream, to act, to pave the way for a girl born, maybe with a disability, just this moment somewhere in the world. That girl needs to be able to be given the chance to become anything she dreams of, she should grow up safe, without the risk of abuse. That girl should have the right to an education, no matter what. She should grow up knowing that she is important, that she can contribute, make a difference. Maybe getting a job, maybe becoming an artist, a homemaker og something else. She should grow up, being respected and supported in finding her own way.

That is why I have to take the chance and run. The UN conventions gives us rights, but it is not a right where we can just sit back and wait for someone to come and ask us. We have to act, to keep the pressure, the dream alive. For ourselves and for the girl being born this moment somewhere in this world, just now.

It has been a big step for me to run, it is a big step to act on my own and saying that I believe in myself and my abilities. And it would not have been possible without so many other women, who have gone before me and those who support me now. 

So thank you all, thank you to the World Pulse and for your support.

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