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A Heartfelt Letter to my 16 Year Old Me

Dear 16-Year-Old Me,

Today, I want to reach out to you from a place of wisdom and experience, to remind you of the strength and resilience that you’ve always possessed.

I know you’re going through a challenging time, facing bullying, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse during your teenage years in secondary school. I want you to understand that you are incredibly brave for always speaking your mind, even when it led to beatings and insults from those who didn’t comprehend your uniqueness.

The hurtful words and actions of others have left their scars, haunting you even when you’re in the presence of people you perceive as beautiful, classy, and well put-together. But I want to tell you that you should be proud of how you’ve endured and adapted with the limited tools available to you at that age. Your resilience in making it to this day is nothing short of extraordinary.

I know there were moments when you contemplated suicide, when the darkness of those thoughts threatened to consume you. You even became afraid of knives and insecticides because they held that sinister allure. But remember this: You are not a coward. You are a warrior. You’ve been battling an invisible war within your mind, and you’ve come out on top. You’ve evolved into a powerful, courageous, and empathetic woman.

The journey doesn't end there. You are still learning, unlearning toxic traits, and discovering how to be assertive and express your desires without fear. You’re no longer cowering in the face of bullying; you’re learning to be brave, not just for yourself but for others too.

Your advocacy has blossomed, encompassing feminism, gender equality, human rights, children’s rights, animal welfare, and mental illness awareness. You’re harnessing the power of technology to drive change and create a world that’s more equal, inclusive, and just for all. Your mission is to ensure no other girl goes through the pain you endured as a teenager, and I have no doubt you will succeed.

As you embark on the journey into your 32nd phase of life, I want to wish you strength, self-love, self-kindness, and self-compassion. You are incredibly intelligent and kind, and I am proud of the person you’ve become.

On this special day, gift yourself a laptop to explore new horizons and improve your financial situation. Buy those corporate shoes to boost your confidence and enhance your appearance. Celebrate yourself, Jenifatu, because you have come a long way to become the amazing woman you are today.

With love and admiration,

Your Older Self

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