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a Leap

I believe I am a being of Light. Seeded from above, molded from the Earth and interconnected with all that lives. My cocoon protects me and encapsulates this 'me' from everything else; I am an emanation from the divine source encased in this material body. I am bound to and by this body, and the wishes of the heart and elevations of the spirit are hard to translate into this third dimension. There are multiple of them, more than 13, I don’t know how but I exist in all, have always existed, and forever will preserve. I am as big as the universe. I am also a dot. I connect a single point in time; I’m the present that bounds past to future. I connect with other points, individuals, so the say; we all do by 6 degrees. With each true connection a one is established and the individual is reached, and that is love, is unconditional and does not take notice on labels, either it is there or is not. I connect with human being and relate to them in very different level, i call them 'circles' .

The goal always is to go back to the Unity. I have to be aware of how am I? How is the Light that casts which Shadow? Through knowledge (not information) I can re-uniting myself, accepting who I am I can be whole in life, so when the angel of deaths shows in my door I can smile, sign, let go and integrate into all that is. I was made from dust* and to dust* I shall return.

With all I do I create and braid the tatami in which my soul sits, my reality. Every decition I make is a thread i choose. An evertyhing that happens, wheter I Interpret it good or bad happens to aid in our growth. May I be Prudent in deciding with which threads I braid, Cautions when knitting; Present in the now and not hung up on what has happened or what could happen and may I be Patient and not pretend to see the end result when starting. It is also good to remember that sewing back is an option. We may not be able to fix what is wrong, but we are able to start all over anew. As well, that trauma represents a hole in our rug, we must heal, sew back or fall through.

On top I wish for all to be Present in Me, so I can be all that Is Within. May I never let stuff that happens dictate who I am. I am regardless of anything that might happen. Good or Bad. There is a treasure in me, and in us all. Safeguard it let your intuition tell you with whom to share it and lear that even intuitions need to be guided.

Everything is a cycle. Form the moon, the tides, the seasons, birth, life, and keep counting. A upward staircase. With many expansions and contractions, time in and out. This is sayd to be the forth of seven. The world will surely continue. But when this ´jump´ is done how will human kind evolve to adapt to changes? Nothing is yet written in stone but this issues are no longer for our great grand children to decide. It is time.

I try, with intent. Sometimes I have worked magic: being aware of the flow, you can navigate it. Being aware of yourself within that flow, you can master it. I’m still an Apprentice, a little, tiny one. My and your self and Light is what is huge. Cultivate from within, believe, and connect to other like. Know that no one can be saved. This is a personal journey. There is no 5-min-workout solution to this diet plan. No shortcuts. It is a personal choice we each have to make. I can only try to empower to awaken. “I can only show you the door, but you have to walk though it”

The challenge is that so must I. I have to walk this talk, and have yet to see if I will rise above. I wish to be a Correspondent because it is within this channel that I have been motivated enough for the no-boundaries share. I know I’m quirky but I’m me and that’s ok. I like me. I Like my higher self and love to have the chance to see what could some of my thoughts awaken in another. If they awaken, I awaken too. Into the fifth world, the fourth dimension of being: fully aware that when I hurt the earth I hurt myself. When I wound a kin I wound my own brother. What we do to others we only do to ourselves, so treat yourself kindly. And treat you children kindly, cultivate a space in which everything is ok.

it is time.
In lake’ch

*dust in the sense of phillip pullman’s trilogy “His dark materials”

Latin America and the Caribbean
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