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Dear Girl,


You have been made for so many centuries to believe that you and weak, voiceless, vulnerable and have no place in the society. Society has it that your occupation is “housewife” to the extent that this has been put on your official documents. You have been used as “collateral security” and “payoffs” for debts by parents and other members of the family. You have been sent into early marriages and your dreams and future shattered because someone has the mindset that you are of no value to society.

You have been denied opportunities because someone has said it’s a man’s world. You have no control over your bodies because someone said you have to be submissive and turned you into a baby factory. Is submissiveness the same as abusiveness? You have been treated like an object because someone thinks that’s what you are. You have been used as a sex toy because someone thinks that’s all you can offer.

Dear girl, I am writing you this letter today to let you know who you actually are.  You are the daughter of her father, pride of her mother, mother to her siblings, peace of the family, pillar of nations. You did not choose to be a girl, and be proud of who you are. You should never regret the fact that you are a girl. You are not vulnerable, but are resilient you are not weak but rather strong. You are a warrior. You have been silenced for way too long, but it’s time to speak up. Hail no! You are not an object to be used in securing and paying off debts. You too deserve an education and a career because you were also born of a woman and you also have dreams. You can get into any field of your choice because you also have the potentials to be the best you can. EVERY human irrespective of sex being was born with a unique potential and should be allowed to reach that full potential. Your potentials should not be destroyed because someone thinks it should and can be done by boys only.

Strong girls build a strong world, and I believe in that so much. Look at the impact we the women in world pulse are bringing. They were also girls like you yesterday and despite all odds fought through and are standing tall today. Look at women like Oprah Winfrey, Michel Obama, Sahle-Work Zewde, Bihdhya Devi Bhandari and Hillary Clinton among other great women in the world today. They were also girls before becoming women of honour and in high political positions today. It is not because they did not face the challenges you face today, but because they were able to look beyond the challenge and face life head-on. Have you ever known that without you there will be no humanity? That is how strong you are. The strength within you is so great that you cannot imagine. You are born leader and that is a fact. Oh, lovely girl, you may have a tender look and a kind heart, but remember deep within you are a warrior woman.

All the mothers today were girls yesterday. Due to the strength in the right from the days of their girlhood, the now fight to give you a better life. They go sleepless nights and hungry, just to make sure you are comfortable. That is the warrior you should become tomorrow. Fight to protect what you believe in and be the best you can.

Dear Girl, the journey is not easy and will not be easy because of the mentality routed in humanity because of you. There will be times you will be beaten and bruised, abused and scorned… it has always been a hard knock life for us. You will feel like giving up, you will feel like losing hope, you will even hate your very existence. When all these happen, don’t give up on all you believe. Rather bring out the warrior in you.

Finally my dear girl. Keep in mind that what you tolerate is how people tend to treat you. Do your best to keep your values and see into it that everyone around you respect your values; and learn to respect others' values. Do not let anyone look down on you because you are a girl. Make them realise that the world still stands today because of your existence.

Indeed, strong girls build a strong world. Never forget that.


Your fellow girl.

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