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A letter to Mother earth

Dear Mother  Earth,

I don't need to ask how you are doing. I know. I can feel you. I feel your pain. I have birth my daughters too. I know the pain of childbirth.  It is agonising. I can only imagine the pain of losing a loved one, I lost my mother and father  too. Actually, I know the pain.


Mother earth  I feel your pain. I see how you helplessly watch your children dying, from Wuhan China to Italy, from Spain to America. We are following the updates in bitterness of heart. No mother wants such experience.  No mother. 


Mother earth, All women worldwide are standing by you . I can assure you of that  all my sisters, they are keeping you and your children in their waking moments   my sisters are standing in gap and praying   wishing, hoping and sending healing vibes to the whole earth.


Mother earth   we women worldwide are promising you, that we will continue to do our best to end this plague. We will do our best to watch our families and friends.  We will continue to remind the whole world to take precautions every day. To follow WHO directives.


Mother earth,  we are in tears daily. Our tears are uncontrollably.  We dont just watch helplessly, because our hearts scream day and night,  begging God Almighty to look down upon us and to heal our land.


Mother earth,  we love you. We are sending healing hugs to every part of the world.  We women worldwide are agonising with you, urging world leaders to put in more efforts.  We will continue to agitate, we will continue to educate,  we will continue to organize our sisters to put in more efforts to heal you.


Mother earth,  take your rest now. We will take over from you. Sleep a bit, while women watch over your children.  We shall overcome.  And we will sing the song of freedom.  We will dance to Sikululekile song and say, we are free from their plague. Victory is certain. Our victory is near. Amen.

So help us God Almighty.  Amen.

By Olutosin Oladosu  March 2020.

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