A rebellious girl in search of well-being of women.

I come from a family of 12 children, and I am the eldest. My mother did not have the opportunity to study. Throughout his life she has been subjected to various forms of domestic violence and gender-based violence. A situation that has really affected my whole life. Suffering known as my mom and i inability to do anything to have helped create in me a spirit of revolt. Compared to my other brothers and sisters in our family I was the only one to have the opportunity to finish my secondary schooling and even university despite already prejudices that are made facing women who have studied in DRC. After a less affluent family in the DRC I studied in very difficult conditions, but I should endure to see if one day I could also do something to help my mom but also other women who were still victims of ignorance violation of their rights. At the same time when I started the first year of college I started also a training in professional journalism in radio, this job that I loved from my childhood but for which the means are not allowed to. At the beginning it was very difficult. On the radio, only men could get on the ground gather information, women were limited in this profession by making only small jobs because they were underestimated. I fought hard and I after a few years due to endurance work as normal. Being female journalist, I palpated finger reality on various violations of women's rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I began to understand things and tell me about women's rights according to Congolese law, a law which, however, was not observed in women's rights. In exercising this profession, I've realized that most of the women were unaware of their rights. Hence difficult to claim. In 2008 ,with the help of other women in my community I initiated a local organization called Actions and development initiatives to protect women and children AIDPROFEN . This local organization works to promote the rights of women and children. This in order to inform women about their rights and claim they are many difficulties. But the financial independence is still a major obstacle for self care for women in business. AIDPROFEN work to ensure that women are autonomous. By applying for Voice of our future I found an opportunity to share with other women in the world experiences, and how they came to make a change in their societies by citizen journalism.

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