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A street child that became a millioner!

Created and Authorized By: Farxaan Adam. 

   The beginning of 1940s, there were two teens a boy and a girl who had been dating for many years. A young beautiful affectioned teens  got married.  It was a year with war and a  famine.           After a few months the young wife became a pregnant. She glady told the positive test to her husband to share with him. As normally, Nine months later; she gave birth a baby boy. A baby boy was so cute. He was named Kaise by his parents.        His fourthy annivery day, his mom suddenly got sick and she didn't long last. A couple of days She died imediately.The news of her death caused to her husband heart attack; and unexpectly died. It became a miracle situation which effected many people's hearts.      The relative of the dead couples questioned with one another a couple of questions which concerned about the growth and to whom the child live with.They followed that the husband's sister foster the child.       Amara was the child's aunt; she was an aggresive and a simple minded woman. She didn't want to foster the baby but respect by the other people's opinion she took the child to her home.      By the age of 6 years, she joined the baby one of the orphaned children school.The school classes were started  at 7 am in the morning; but kaise usually came to school late. He was a young boy which could'nt get up early without wakening up. His aunt was indifferently by the boy's education; He lived with her for years.He couldnt get from her the basic needs that every child needs.      By the age of 11 years old, he totally dropped out of school. He decided to live alone. He became a shoesshiner; a homeless boy. He slept where ever the sun set to him! He was infeeding himself by unwanted meals from the restaurents.     Luckily, he was an approachable boy. His career of shoeshiner was so impressive. He got a large number of customers. He earned some coins. By the age of 16 years old, he started small shop named ' The Shop of Every Thing'!       The shop's name attracted a large number of people.They recognised to him a boy with high ambition. Next year, the boy started to sell the second hand shoes and clothes. He became a well known boy.      After 4 years, he enlarged and apdated his shop; he added a branch of wholesale of clothes, suits and shoes. At that time he was 21 years old. After 3 years by the age of 24 years old, he created another a new business which was an electronic shop. He became an owner man. Many emplyees were working in his company. His business spread to all his country.      Kaise became a famous and a kind hearted man. He got married to a marvelous and beautiful lady called Azuma!       In 1968, he built a large school which he intent by the motherless and orphaned children. Although he was non educated man; he became the general manager of that school to touch in children's situation. He collected the most expert teachers in his town to teach those orphan children. He helped and educated a thousands of children.     He gave the children a huge motivational speech in every week once. Actually he became their father. In the school, there was a well cleaned sweetshop which the children mealed during breakfast without paying any bills.     He knew the hardship life of being orphaned child; so he preferred to be their father and actually he did!

Moral of the story: Circumstance doesn't lead the Great people To lose their faith, but itself they inherit the greatest happiness!!

Economic Power
Positive Masculinity
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