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Ac Mbeng - The Leading Voice of Hope and Empowerment


I am an instrument of society's growth and reformation ; The leading Voice of Hope and Empowerment. I am AC Mbeng. 

 You might have been wondering who this AC is and what exactly is she up to? 

I am a Cameroonian born, UK based  Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker, mental health Advocate, infant loss advocate, autism ambassador, talk show host, disability advocate, mother, wife and author (such a long list, right? Lol)  and  I have devoted my social media presence to impacting change in any of these spheres that I  represent. 

My advocacy is a product of my experiences. 

As a mother of five, I have  learned to navigate the world with just three of my children while two little souls rest in heaven. This inspired my vision of advocating for pregnancy and infant loss through  Every Little Life Matters Foundation.

 In 2018, I  decided to bundle this wealth of experience into an autobiographical non-fiction, Grief to Grit: A Touching Tale of Love, Loss, Pain and Tenacity; (A personal account of my healing process and experiences), where I have successfully created an emotional connection with my readers. 

Among my three children - two boys and a girl,  life still found  me worthy of parenting a child with unique abilities. Because my elder son is autistic, I  found pleasure in understanding everything about autism from personal experience and studying a postgraduate in autism and Asperger's. With all these experiences over the years, I have been using the knowledge and skills gained to  teach and support other parents of autistic/special needs children to be able to excel and conquer the fears that come with parenting special needs children. In my role as an autism Ambassador and the invisible nature of the condition, I also educate the entire society on autism awareness thereby encouraging love, understanding, acceptance and inclusion for all affected by autism and other forms of disability. 

I  believe  so much in treating each individual as a unique personality and breaking all barriers and stereotypes surrounding persons living with disability. This, I do through Autism Acceptance at CAN Abilities Foundation. 

I also believe that every challenge on my path was equipping me for impact,  so I make sure I  gather every lesson learnt and pass it on to my  audience. This falls perfectly in line with my passion for educating, empowering, inspiring, motivating  and giving hope to  individuals facing challenging and complex life issues including  special educational needs, through my talk show; The  Voice of Hope Media.  

Through this show, I have,  many alongside guest speakers,  successfully given a voice to some of those societal issues often regarded as taboo, too emotional or too sensitive to talk about,  in a safe and comfortable space where everyone feels free sharing their stories knowing they will be heard and won't be judged or stigmatized. In the peak of the covid pandemic and lockdown, many organisations and chàritries launched virtual webinars.

 Through the hosting of shows on a variety of topics, I was hired by 3 different charities at different periods to host virtual webinars on autism, COVID-19 and bereavement in the BAME communities and on COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy , effectiveness and efficacy. 

My great work over the years in the community earned me a 2020 mother of the year award,   a recognition as one of 100 most inspirational women in the world and a Community Achiever Award, all  in the same year. 

As each year passes by, I gain more confidence and clarity in myself and in everything that I do. With my daring nature, I competed  in the Miss/Mrs Africa UK pageant 2021 where I emerged 2nd in Mrs. People's choice category. 

Off the media, I hold a Masters degree in Information Systems Management (LSBU) and serve as a Data Validator with the NHS, a postgraduate in Autism and Asperger's(SHU) and a BSc. in Management(UniBu)

I  love reading,writing, music, dancing and discovering new things and people, spending time with my children and also adore my "me time'' especially when I'm taking a long drive in the company of good music and chewing gum.  I'm in my best mood when I'm doing some work for my customers at CAN-Decor.  

It is important to note that, as much as raising Awareness of any nature is important, my mental  health is equally important. So  occasionally, I take a break from everything, especially social Media to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. 

I am happy to have you all in my space and I believe we will have a wonderful time of impact. Feel free to ask me any question or contact me if you need help with anything mentioned above.

Be blessed 

: &  


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