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African ChangeMakers Human Capital & Skills Development - #SheTransformsTech

My name is Olutope(Topsie) Egbetokun Olatilewa, I am leading African ChangeMakers Initiative as founder & program director. African ChangeMakers Initiative identifies, spark new ideas, nurture creative innovation and develop an engaged change-making leaders and communities through online and face-to-face connectivity programs of changemakers, game-changers, impact-makers, agent of change, movers and shakers of enterprise for the transformation of Africa and the world. 

We have various online ongoing & scheduled programs throughout 2020 to engage our ever active global community. African ChangeMakers Initiative uses digital tools to transform lives youth, women and girls in the following programs and still counting; •    African ChangeMakers Online Conference •    African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program. •    African ChangeMakers Mentorship Program •    African ChangeMakers Chapters event & activities. •    African ChangeMakers Women Network •    African ChangeMakers Academy

African ChangeMakers Initiative focus on educational and skills development by leveraging on digital tools for connectivity to deliver online courses, face-to-face training, event & activities reaching 54 Africa countries and the global world. At the same time, breaking geographical boundaries, time-zone, cost effective – Convenient to change the lives of thousands of Africans. We make all programs available via smartphone, laptop, desktop, and tablet to access all African ChangeMakers Programs 24/7, on-the-go and at their convenient time and learning pace.

African ChangeMakers Initiative uses digital tools to transform lives in the following ways and still counting;

•    We have been privileged to train, empower and develop the soft skills and capacity building of 3,000 youths including women from 54 Africa countries through our African ChangeMakers Fellowship Program. •    We have mentored over 5,000 youth, women and girls from 54 Africa countries through African ChangeMakers Mentorship Program through our networks of Mentors spread across Africa countries and continent. •    We have over 200 plus Mentors supporting African ChangeMakers programs. •    We reach over half a million people across all our social media platforms, newsletter, website, magazine, video and so on combined. •    We have connected over 15,000 community members via all our social media networks and Meet-Ups event. •    We have an active community of engaged Alumni Network impacting their community and supporting African ChangeMakers Initiative. •    African ChangeMakers Initiative has launched five local chapters across Africa countries (Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya & Zambia) •    We just launched a powerful African ChangeMakers Women Network to focus on all things women empowerment and development.

Currently, we need funding, finance and sponsorship to expand all African ChangeMakers Initiative programs to reach more youth, women and girls on grassroots level for greater impact. We need scholarship and opportunities for our alumni and members to improve their professional career and business.

Connect with African ChangeMakers Initiative at;

-Website: -Facebook Page: -Facebook Group: -Instagram: -LinkedIn Page: -LinkedIn Group: -Twitter: -Youtube:

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