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Agreement to stop violence against women and the position of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Seems March / March is the month of women deservedly, is the month celebrating International Women's Day, a month we celebrate Women's Day Egyptian March 16, which left the women of Egypt in the first women's demonstration in 1919 supporters and defenders of the revolution, and their protest against exiled leaders of the nation, and the harassment forces occupation peaceful demonstrations, Hatvat Boalamhen small for freedom and independence, and landed them martyrs (Naima Hamid, benign Khalil, Fatima Mahmoud, Nematt Mohammed, Hamida Suleiman, or Mohamed Gad, starboard Sabih) and many others.

The struggle of Egyptian women extended and continuous before the revolution of 1919, when troops entered the French to Alexandria in July 1798 rallied parents, men and women carrying arms in defense of the city, and in 1801 after the departure of the French campaign of Egypt continued Egyptian women in the struggle against tyranny and injustice represented pashas and the Turks, and came up with the protesters of the Egyptian people to protest the financial policy of the Ottomans, then women participated Damanhur in 1806 in the battle to defend the city against your attempts Mohammad Alfi leader Mamluks seized.

In Rashid women participated in repelling the attack and the siege imposed forces English on the city, in 1951 women participated Egyptian demonstrations national organized boycott movement of goods English, and in 1956 defended women Canal cities valiantly, and continue the march and continue the Egyptian women in making revolution and overthrow the regime 25 January 2011, but did not know that the revolution Stakhttaf night, a liar and will be punished by Shlha and guide arrows treachery and violence to it, but did not give up and continue to resist.
Document abuse of women in the Mokattam

March 16, 2013 - day festival of Egyptian women - and a day after the announcement of the document to stop violence against women on March 15 and covered by this paper, was assaulted young Muslim Brotherhood batons and sticks and knives on the activists of both sexes, and assaulted Balsafa on active Mervat Moses her face, as well as activist Salma Ghali, they try portrayal of events in front of the extension Moqattam, as if these reward young Brotherhood of women and youth of Egypt, in the Holiday Egyptian woman who encounters the same day of the attack and after a few months of Magdy Rady renounce violence organized by Islamic groups and Salafi-led Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the attack came scandalous day after the document "against all forms of violence against women and girls" issued by the 57th session of the Commission on Status of Women in New York, which raised a panic severe and met strong opposition from some countries, led by Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Sudan and Hendraws and the Vatican because of fears reference to sexual and reproductive rights of women, which may be included in the final draft of the document the Commission, which inflicted opponents - such as the Muslim Brotherhood - the mistake of accusing ravine document including not and Astbakoa their concerns before issuing yet!! Which appeared at many with no apology for this preemption lies and confusion is unacceptable and may those who identify with the example of moral and humanitarian They Iedonh speech and assault. This explains the issuance of the International Union for Muslim Scholars proactive in February 27, 2013 statement of his opinion about the document violence against women they will go in the 57th United Nations Commission of 4-15 March 2013 and prior to the start of the activities of the Commission and discussed by the Member States, as the Muslim Brotherhood issued - two weeks later - 03/13/2013 statement against the document that have not yet been announced, and has the same opinion issued by the International Union for Muslim Scholars headed "Yusuf al-Qaradawi," which also explains speech "Bakinam Sharqawi" help the president "Mohamed Morsi" in front of the Commission on the Status of Women of the United Nations on 4 March 2013, which confirmed that the stick by reference Islamic legislation in the Constitution, and to emphasize that the family is the basis of building a community, we must not force us UN to pass terms inconsistent with our reference religious - which can accommodate without control - and our values, not imposed on us laws and legislation are incompatible with it, and that the United Nations must be respected multiculturalism and religious peoples of the earth, was accompanied by Dr. "Bakinam" Help Professor "Camellia Helmy" Committee member of the Islamic World for Women and Children, which is considered one of the strongest Almaadaan for women's rights and loyal full of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, which came in his statement that he rejects this document - which had not yet been issued and from the point of view of the Union this document because they claim includes the following which is the place where reservations that have not located mostly in the document to stop violence against women, which are as follows:

  • Replace partnership guardianship and full sharing of roles within the family between men and women (spending, child care, home affairs).

  • Full equality in marriage legislation such as "cancel all of pluralism and state, dowry, and men on family spending and allow for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim."

  • Equality in inheritance

  • Withdraw the authority of divorce from her husband and moved to eliminate, all sharing the property after divorce.

  • Give the wife the authority to complain about her husband on charges of rape or harassment on the competent authorities of the death of this pair is similar to the death of rape or harassing Bojunbah.

  • Give the girl all the sexual freedoms as well as the freedom to choose their sex and the freedom to choose the sex partner with raising the marriage age to eighteen.

  • Provide contraception for adolescent girls and trained to use them, and the legalization of abortion to get rid of unwanted pregnancies under the name of "sexual and reproductive rights"

  • Equality adulterous wife and equal sons adulterous legitimate sons full equality in all rights.

Lied and fallacy

Both statement the Muslim Brotherhood and the statement of the International Union for Muslim Scholars Anhlan from the same spring bilge water, and all that came in those statements lie, they say unknowingly not bear hardship and trouble in reading comprehension and analysis does not have what is available to them from injury and error, the final document does not prescribe any of these items evidence that, despite all these reservations and fierce attacks by fundamentalists, the countries participating in the 57th meeting of the Women's Committee, including Egypt and unanimously approved the final version of the document, which Snthbth below.

Facts and principles of the document

The fact that the essence of the document differently and contrary to these fallacies Islamism, but is closer to the spirit of real religions, has confirmed the terms of the document that violence against women is "any act of violence that gender-based consequent or is likely to result in, harm or suffering to women, whether in terms of physical, sexual or psychological, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty whether occurring in public or private life, and States must abide by international conventions and treaties in the field of gender equality and empowerment of women, including the Convention on the "eliminate all forms of Discrimination against Women "and the Optional Protocol thereto, as well as the Universal Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women and the Convention against Torture and Other Disciplines treatment or cruel, inhuman or professional because this would contribute to the elimination of violence against girls and women The Committee emphasizes that violence against women and girls is a manifestation of unequal power relations between men and women throughout history and constitutes a violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and impairs or nullifies the enjoyment by women of these rights and fundamental freedoms.

The document also confirms that domestic violence remains the most common forms of violence that affect all the social aspects of women across the world, and that women and girls face multiple forms of discrimination exposes them to an increased risk of violence.

The Commission also stressed that the right to education and the elimination of illiteracy and to ensure equal access to education in rural areas and marginalized is a human right, and must bridge the gap of quality in every level of education to empower women and girls and to contribute to the elimination of all forms of violence and discrimination against them.

The Committee also urges governments to strongly condemns all forms of violence against women and girls and should not invoke any custom, tradition or religious consideration to avoid their commitment to eliminate it as stated in the Universal Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, and stresses also that men and women have the same right in equal enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the states to abolish practices and legislation that discriminates and increase of violence against them.

As the Committee is aware that gender equality and the empowerment of women include women's empowerment economic, achieving full and equal resources, and integrate them into the formal economy, particularly in economic decision-making and also full and equal participation in political and public life, is essential to address the structural causes of violence against women and girls.

The Committee is also express deep interest in violence against women and girls in the public sphere, including sexual harassment when used to prevent women and girls from exercising their human rights and fundamental freedom.

The Commission also stressed the commitment to support the rights of women migrant workers, and the development of policies and programs to protect them Committee also emphasized that States must formulate a comprehensive preventive approaches and all the necessary legal and political, administrative, social and political that promote the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms of women and girls, and the Commission invited governments and civil society organizations and the private Special media and all relevant institutions to take the following actions:

1 - strengthening the application of the legal and policy frameworks and accounting

By applying all international conventions such as CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women) and Convention on the Rights of the Child and two optional protocols to them, and to lift reservations them and review these reservations periodically, in order to withdraw and applying laws nationalism and effective policies, and encourage the use of all international laws with relationship and international guidelines, and good practices for policies that ensure the protection of victims and survivors to end violence against women and girls, and the application of urgent and effective domestic laws and adopt legislation applicable against domestic violence, as well as mechanisms to protect and ensure that women and girls have access to justice and access to effective legal assistance, and mainstreaming gender in policies and legislation, programs and allocation of human and financial resources appropriate to combat violence against women, and to develop effective programs and strategies with the full participation of women and girls by the text of the final draft.
2 - Eat risk factors and the structural causes of the prevention of violence against women

Focused document on the implementation of campaigns to raise awareness through the mass communication different, aimed at the general public and young people of both sexes and encourage the media to develop guidelines working to be his sensitive to gender, as well as dealing with violence against women and girls and the development of educational programs, linking gender equality and human rights Every Msuiat formal education and informal with the involvement of adolescents, as well as the involvement of young people, parents and communities and develop strategies and programs to support and empower women and children from a to adjust their behavior and attitudes towards women and girls, and to increase women's safety from violence and harassment in public places, by raising awareness and involvement of local communities and moving and community involvement at all levels, individuals, natural leaders, religious leaders through the role they play in society.
3 - strengthening multi-sectoral services and responsive to combat violence against women

Document focused on ensuring women's ability to access to health services and reproductive health services as well as access to the services of psychological and physical therapy, and the provision of legal advice and support economic and include employment and housing for survivors and their children and reintegrate them into society.
4 - Improving the evidence base

Implementation of studies and research to determine the structural causes of violence, and the cost and risk factors in order to ensure the development and revision of laws, policies and strategies and applications, and to make this information available to the public and used in efforts to raise awareness.

Collection, analysis and dissemination of data documented and compared the statistics periodically on discrimination and violence against women and girls, classified by type and age, at the local and national causes and consequences and costs include health and economic costs borne by society as a result of this discrimination and violence, and also taking into account the appropriate factors such as the ability access to this information to confirm the assessment, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs.

  • Promote sharing good practices and experiences and interventions successful programs and policies as well as enhance the applications of this success and experience.

The Committee stressed that ending violence against women and girls, is not an option but it should be a priority for achieving sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals, and economic and social growth, peace and security, human rights and gender equality and the empowerment of women and vice versa, and the Committee strongly recommends that the perception gender equality and empowerment of women is a priority in the development of development agenda beyond 2015.
Patriarchal and religious monopoly rights

History assures us that the state and the patriarchal religious are nothing more state monopoly fact and opinion, and make its doctrine of religious doctrine right, what else is out about faith and entrapment and atheism, pass the ages and contracts and replace governors or caliph, called talk is president-elect, who came pregnant in his hands the sword and the "Book of God" backed and CMO his family and the jurists or Mtefiehgon of خديم Sultan who Atfnon in innovation ill lying and chicanery systematic, slowly solved standards religious replace cornerstones civilian political field, such as human rights and women's rights, citizenship and public and personal freedoms, creativity and freedom of thought and the belief and the concept of identity becomes the subject of controversy and considerable disagreement.

And opens the logic family and clan, who suffered from it in the era of "Mubarak" the door to practice favoritism, nepotism and abuse, and the state became sick influential owners Satwa gatekeepers in Power chairs or associated with and become breaking the law is the origin and respected is the exception, and are encouraged to loot public resources launched by corruption and the corrupt and the absence of social justice, and to kill the poor and women on the altar of debt traders.

He concluded this paper news opens up the doors to shut and tame Wind cold night heavy and makes Gap morning Abasm for Arab women, especially makers Arab revolutions while absent from oppose their rights now or attacking Alihemen in the streets of Cairo and Tunis Hiatia and violent and unconstitutional, says the news that leave the reader Karim explore its implications Unlimited March 17, 2013: "Laura Baldireny" leftist women become President of the Italian Parliament overwhelmingly has congratulated the kings and heads of Arab and Islamic countries Italy on selected conciliator for the President of the Parliament of this power and efficiency. "

  • A study by Dr. Azza Kamel - writer and feminist activist and director of the Center for Egyptian and appropriate means of communication (Act)

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