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Ambassadors Thrive on Thursdays

Once again we had our weekly zoom meeting, set up by the World Pulse Team so that we Ambassadors can come together and renew energy by being with each other for one hour. Thriving Thursdays began as a gift from the Team for us to meet once a month. Since the pandemic began we have been offered the chance to meet once a week. As usual today there were those of us who try not to miss any, and there were many who came for the first time or were able to come for the first time in a while, all of us so happy to be together. In the midst of this difficult work that we are all doing, Thriving Thursdays have become a highlight for us, to say hello, to see each others’ faces, to hear how each other are, and to share news and information. This week Anjana did a fabulous job in her first offer to be our MC. I did my best as Executive Producer with my two finger typing, aided as always by Dawn and Manasa, and with Zawadi doing beautiful translation into French. 

Stella Paul was our Trainer this week. She led us through a really important and informative information on ways to protect our cell phones, by making sure we are not open to sites that cause us harm, through using wifi spots that don’t have passwords, by not regularly checking under Settings to check what Apps we have built up through our own searches and responses, and to keep our phones clean of excess or unfamiliar Apps we don’t need, to keep ourselves free from unknown sources that could be gathering data on us, or messing with us in various ways. She strongly advised us all to be very aware of the Apps we download, that we be careful to ensure the authenticity (the source and origin) of what we download, and that we always take great care to keep our passwords safe. She also described the importance of keeping an eye on our Bluetooth, and our GPS and to keep them off if not needed, as these allow others to track us. She advised us to be sure to control access of our phones, and relayed stories of betrayal when women have lent their phones even briefly. Her suggestions were to clean out any built-up Apps we no longer need or use, checking what has been stored on our phones regularly, even every few weeks, for security, and to close down Apps that might be sitting open and using up data unnecessarily. 

She reminded us too, of the importance of passing on this information, especially as we continue to encourage women and girls to use cell phones to explore and stay connected with us all and with this world wide web. There is a wealth of information and possibilities that are out there, and this power of connecting with each other has never ben available to us until this recent invention. Stella’s slides of this important lesson are available now to our whole community. Thank you Stella, for this important walk through the inner workings of our phones, full of such possibilities, and now with such important information for our safety and for the safety of all we are helping log on.

As always it was hard to say goodbye. These meetings give us so much, these precious times to relax for an hour, to see each other, say hello, learn from each other and let the love flow.

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