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Ambassadors Update: Radiant Fields Features Mama Tam Verrall on Global Women's Movement!

In this interview session with Mama Tam Verrall, she shares what it was like to be a woman and/or girl at least 50 years ago.

Mama Tam has been part of developing the women's movement since the late 1960’s. Her work with this women's movement has broken some barriers into fields previously reserved for men. Her focus has been on creating safe space for women and girls to meet, heal from violence and build this movement together. Discovering and becoming active in World Pulse is a dream come true for her. Her purpose in life is to work for freedom for all women and girls, and human existence in peace with each other and our Earth.

She actively organizes and attends women gatherings, especially when meeting with indigenous women leaders. She feels connected with the environment and respects the wisdom of indigenous tribes. She is a gifted writer. She won as a Featured Storyteller. Her story got published in UN Women’s online book, Thank You United Nations! She is a poet, a dancer, an artist, a potter, a friend, a sister, an encourager. World Pulse Ambassadors fondly called her Mama Tam as our sign of honor and respect for her.

Reading stories on World Pulse caused her to write letters to To Global Affairs Canada/Feminist Foreign Policy in her country “to be of assistance and is able to be of assistance, to together find a way to put in place the money that is needed to literally save the lives of women and girls, and to put into the hands of the grassroots women already doing this work, the money that is needed to create the societal changes that we have been talking about for a long time, with far too little action. “

She is considered to be one of the pillars of World Pulse. Her leadership was acknowledged by the World Pulse Community where she was award the World Pulse Spirit Awards Ambassador Category. She is one of World Pulse’ 21 women to watch in 202, to quote an article in Medium they are “women who are connected online through World Pulse’s online community to power change on the ground”.

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