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American Religious Terrorism

Terrorism and Domestic Violence have many of the same COMMON CAUSES such as the need for Power Over, control and manipulation for the PURPOSE OF CREATING FEAR and to be RECOGNIZED AS THE BEST.

I am sure by now you have all heard about the USA's latest Religious Terrorist the Rev. Terry Jones who made waves all across the world the THREATENING to burn the Quran.

Both Religious Terrorists and domestic violence abusers use a lot of the same TECHNIQUES OF VIOLENCE. (Jones most likely uses mental/emotional violence to manipulate and control his \"congregation.\" This was verified by CNN interviews with a previous congregation he had in Germany before he was kicked out of the country.)

TORTURE (mental/emotional distress over what MIGHT HAPPEN) and

FEAR such as UNPREDICTABILITY OF VIOLENCE. (First he was going to burn the Quran, then he wasn't, then he was, then he wasn't. It is still unclear what his future intentions are to keep the suspense going..)

BLAMING (Jones claims that Islam is corruptive of American religious values as he views them.)

THREATS (Jones only threatened to burn the Quran and by this threat created discord around the world. Why? Because people here and around the world gave him that power! If we all (including the media) had dismissed him as the arrogant, attention and power seeker he is, he would be just another loud-mouth with no power. As it is, he is gaining notoriety and power each day.

The terrorists' use of violence or the threat of violence is intended to create an INTENSE DRAMA. (Guess that worked for him.) THE ACT OF INSTILLING FEAR IS OFTEN MORE IMPORTANT TO HIM THAN THE ACT ITSELF. HIS INTENTION IS TO CREATE A DELIBERATE SENSE OF DREAD. It is this DELIBERATE SENSE OF DREAD that distinguishes terrorism from \"simple\" murder or assault.

AND BOTH TERRORISM AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HAVE THE SAME WILLINGNESS TO DESTROY PEOPLE, PLACES AND THINGS. For example: People: the isolation, abuse and killing of women in American Religious Cults; Places: of worship of differing religious/race beliefs like the burning of African-American churches; and Things: like the burning of the Holy books of different religions or even withing the same religion and the bombing of buildings, etc

One common misconception is that terrorists must be diagnosably mentally ill or psychopathic. While there are a few exceptions, the terrorist whether in the home or in this country, is usually quite sane, although probably quite deluded by an ideological or religious way of viewing the world. RELIGIOUS TERRORISTS ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS because they use God or a Higher Power as their excuse and justification for actions saying that no one can dare argue with that.

Terrorists leaders are usually older people ranging from their 30's to their 60's. Most American terrorists (and many others from other States too) are very well educated. Indeed, many American terrorists are often so highly educated that they are quite capable of sophisticated, (and highly biased), political analysis. (Jones used the 9/11 political event of years ago to justify his burning of the Quran now.)

To create a successful American cult or terrorist organization, leaders like Jones have developed a convincing story about:

  1. IMMINENT DANGER to an \"in group.\" (For Jones, Islam is the destructive force to his radical version of Christianity in his congregation and therefore he must destroy it.).

  2. FOSTER GROUP IDENTITY (If enough people support Jones, then they join for a \"cause.\"

  3. DEHUMANIZE THE GROUPS \"ENEMIES\" (Jones threatened to dehumanize all Muslims by his threatening to burn the Quran thus the huge backlash from Islamic States.)

  4. ENCOURAGE THE CREATION OF A \"KILLER SELF\" fully capable of murdering large numbers of people. (I don't think Jones is there yet but he will be if the media and people of the USA and the world continue to give him the attention he craves and thus the power to grow.)

It is us, the people of America and the people of the world, that are creating a future Jones monster no different than any other tyrant who heads an abusive household or heads a tyrannical State. Let's stop it now. After all, do we really want yet another religious tyrant dictating our lives?

Northern America
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