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I have not visited World Pulse for a long time-and am so glad I have been receiving emails on the latest posts and projects by very strong, independent, beautiful and visionary women. Every time I read a post I am compelled to do even more.
I have been working on my classes, this semester I am taking 5 courses in a bid to finish my degree next semester.
This idea has been with me for such a long time-and now I am glad to have finally put it down on paper and got it going, soon...there shall be website, magazine printed and all the works, just so as to reach a wider audience of people.
"AMKA" is the title of the magazine, it means "ARISE!" It calls out to the essence we are targeting those aged 18-26yrs. The magazine is based on five principles (CHUTA): Courage, Honesty, Understanding, Truth, Accountability. It is a call to the youth, to arise and be the change they want to see. For years, in Kenya, we have heard people saying that 60% of the population is the youth and they are unemployed. It is the same percentage that is doing drugs, commiting crimes, dropping out of school, not willing to volunteer unless they are paid, want to join politics, strike at universities, burn buildings, die of HIV/Aids...and this list is endless! So, with all this how do we expect Kenya to exist in the next 5 years? In fact, how can Kenya run as a government tomorrow?
These are the questions that AMKA addresses. It is a magazine, for the youth, by exemplary youth! We create the avenue for stories on the youth, their issues, challenges and how to solve them. We look at the positive and negative sides of the story and bring to light a new wave. AMKA is solely set up to see to it that the youth in Kenya become self-starters1 Enough of complaining that there are no jobs! Enough of sitting at home waiting for a job, opportunity, or help to come your way. Help, volunteer, spend time interacting with people----listen to others, seek counsel, study your community or residence to identify a need...because jobs are created to satisfy needs.
AMKA has just started...and so far we have 5 people who have risen up! Writers and a crew who are ready to embark on this journey.

Girl Power
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