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SPOILER ALERT: Perhaps you would like to read the other 11 messages before you read this final one.

May your DREAMS soar like KITES.

May your hopes FLY high.

May you SMILE OFTEN and LOVE like there is no tomorrow.

May all your tomorrows be MAGIC.

And there at last, through my determination to share these quotes from Ashley Rice's wonderful calendar, I have completed all the typing. I hope it helps you with your soul. I also hope you will become determined to GO OUT and share it, share it, share it. What I plan to do is make each quote a poster. Then I plan to post all twelve side by side on a wall in the library I have made at St. Mary's Girl's School in Livingstone Zambia. I have to be sure all the posters are hung at eye level. Because Zambia is a developing country, they tend to still hang things too high for people to see or read. Imagine a young grade 8-12 young woman having the opportunity to read these each day. Wow. Wish I had had that opportunity. But it isn't about what I didn't have growing up. It is about what I can give back to the world NOW.

I hope you will share with me and everyone on World Pulse ideas you have to help yourself and others find their greatness, perhaps through these wonderful quotes.

Thank you for your time.


Wendy Stebbins

UBUNTU is a wonderful southern Africa word meaning "I AM WHO I AM BECAUSE OF WHO WE ARE."

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