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Another language, older than words

Miracles happens from inside out. A language older than words remains in our spirit and talks another language, an older one. We come into this life to learn many things. Dreams teach us. We come here to learn how to communicate our inner spirit with the body we build to protect our soul. Our soul is unique. Rare as endangered species. Beautiful as light. Light as a cloud. Clever as universe. Talkative as nature. Dreams are like strange poems talking aloud. And however sometimes we do not listen it. But sometimes we do. And when we do miracles happens.

One night as I was almost dying being pregnant with my beautiful unborn 34 weeks baby as I had eclampsia I had a dream. My father who died in a terrible plane crash was talking to me in a very loving way asking me if I was ready to die. Was I? Am I? Wanted I?And I talked to him letting him know I was not really prepared to leave my child here with out any hugs, kisses, memories, loving moments. He asked me many times the same question and I replied to him the same, many times, in many ways. I woke up sweating and completely numb. That dream looked so real, so clear, so alive.

I woke up crying as my father was not really there for the last 14 years. He died leaving us behind with so many pain. It hurts really bad and my husband was very concerned about my dream. A telephone call before 5 am got me in shock and took me out of my tears. A strong male voice coming from my doctor was telling me he was thinking to do me an amniocentesis. He listen how ever my crying voice and listened carefully my dream. We hang up but he called back. We was surprised as he was as early as it was thinking about which procedure was the best. My dream let him know it was time for Nicolas my son to be born before it was too late. So he helped Nicolas to come to this world and to have a mother which without that miracle might not have last many more hours. My spirit got a communication from other spirit. Where ever he is, I am grateful. I have lived my most beautiful years by my son´s hand.

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