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Another phase of the lockdown widows want to help with their skills to save lives..

Hey precious family, if you read this then the Lord Jesus has kept you alive. Greetings from hope on the rock ministries in Uganda.

We are in another lock down and we have lost 6 widows already and a baby to a teen mom and most of them don't have masks. My heart aches for them but I have a solution at hand.

We have 4 widows that are tailors and can make good reusable masks I want them to make all the widows masks. We have 500 widows and teen mothers that are vulnerable. All we need is to equip these four widows with reusable mask-making materials which i don't have in my capacity, I wish I could afford them.

Am humbly requesting you my world pulse sisters to stand with me to equip these four widows with reusable mask making materials to save the lives of these vulnerable women and girls.

Two days ago I went to meet a few of them to give them food stuffs and they never had masks and my heart aches for them because the virus is too much here in my country.


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