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Anyone else have allergies?

Oh ugh, I hate this feeling so much, it had started awhile ago and me and one of my daughters went to the doctors to see what it was since it was not going away. It turns out it is allergies and he was saying that this is a particularly bad year for them. I had never had them before and can't believe it is just going on and on like this!

It isn't "miserable" but a step up from that, maybe just "unwell" but it has been dragging on and on and sometimes it seems like it will never go away again! For the first time, ever, I can't wait for summer to be over! the doctor gave me some sort of a nasal thing called nasanex, or something like that for it. You have to squirt it up your nose, and I asked if that was the only way since I really couldn't picture myself leaning forward and squirting liquid up my nose! but the doctor said it takes a few days to take effect but it works. So, after an hour of trying to decide which was worse, this runny-nose-sneezing-coughing thing or having to squirt something up my nose I decided to try it.

It gave me a headache and I could feel it in my wrists. I dont know, but anything you can feel in your wrists cant be good for your body so I decided not to take it anymore and just put up with the coughing and sneezing and ugh feeling. Except it has not totally gone away yet and is beginning to drive me seriously crazy, I think! does anyone else have allergies and when does it stop finally?

I bought some Benadryll pills and that helps a bit but makes me a bit sleepy all of a sudden so can't take it before work or during work. It has sapped my endurance to it's limits it feels like, sigh! It would not be so bad except it seems to have sucked all my creativity out of me too! I can think up things while at work but once I get home and to the computer my brain just dries up and I sit here feeling worse since I love writing and posting on here so much but nothing comes! I let the girls have their turn and try to get inspired and kick them off as soon as I feel like writing again but once I get here it seems to not happen. I can remember my father saying he was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time and I sure know what he means right now! Except he was a hypochondriac and always has some mysterious illness going on and I am just having allergies that wont go away completely...

I miss reading everything and posting and being in touch with everyone but my eyes begin to feel way too tired when trying to read the posts, sigh! What do you do for allergies? It is funny since I think if someone were to say that their great-grandmother used to make a tea of moss and cinnamon I might consider trying it I feel so ugh! The girls get worried a bit since it is some sort of thing where it causes a drip t go down your throat and your body tries to get rid of it by coughing and they have never heard me cough so much even though I assure them it is just this nasal thing and nothing serious, it just has not gone away yet!

It has me stressed out and I noticed a grey hair the other day! I never notice them until I am feeling very stressed then suddenly they begin to pop out of my head as I look in the mirror! It is just 3 strands that are a kind of pretty silvery color so not bad but yikes! I am only in my mid-40's and my mom did not go grey until her 60's! I guess it is feeling bad for missing out on things here a lot that is part of it and part of it is just normal stresses of life I guess...

It is a good sign I am able to post this I guess so yeah! Maybe the worst of it is finally over and I can look forward to being myself again! anyway, hope everyone is doing great and sorry I have been off for so long but just not feeling all that good lately...



Northern America
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