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Aracha-the nano-entrepreneur

Digging pits
Arachan's premises

The van is ready. Archana would now move to the nursery. Pranabesh her husband is busy with loading composts from the pits. Each bag contains grey coloured finer compost produced in the courtyard by Archana. Her compost is always in high demand in the town .

Making compost from leaves, cow dung , crop-residue is the means of livelihood of Archana. Her family is being engaged in this activity for the last two decades. She is happy with her pursuits. She is independent and engaged in creativity. She has a small family. All are supporting the business. However, Archana is the chief architect of the business. She keeps liaison with the customers , Her communication skill is of moving around the town on van or bi-cycle. She will shout : “ Compost..compost”- whenever passes through the streets. I have not seen any women in Kalyani who is expert in riding van-rickshaw.

Initially she started her venture near the Ghoshpara-station. She used to collect cow-dung from the field. Dumping those she used to get organic manures. That was a lengthy process. On seeing her interest one day she was called on by the Chairman. Kalyani. She was trained along with others how to make vermin-compost, compost & manurs at home. She took the training heartily. This was her turning point. She was given land at the side of lake. Now she is staying there along with her husband and daughter.

‘ are you doing other jobs’- i asked

-“ no we are not getting any time to do. “

-“ are you happy with this business”

-“ yea. We are maintain our family without seeking jobs or subsidy else where”

-“ do you engage others”

She pointed to an elderly person who has been hired. I was told she has to engage four to five persons frequently for supporting work.

“ do you feel it has demand”

-“ yea.. I have reputation. I feel so”

“ what are your traits for capturing market”

-“ communication and quality of materials”

“ Do you want to expand? What are constraints?”

-“i am illiterate. I have no own land. I have only the skill and goodwill. I can not have access to banks or other sources. If I would have money I could scale up and provide jobs to many”

She can teach her experience to others. She was invited to distant places to narrate her story.

Yesterday she supplied four bags of compost to my house. Today I made an appointment to visit her unit. It was nice to reach her premises. I found it’s a nano-enterprise. and she is the nano-entrepreneur.

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