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Art healed, helped and heralds my story

Life has a way of bringing people down to its lowest ebb but creativity and determination have ways of lifting people from the pit of life to the pulpit of power.

Few years ago, life entangled me in a web of untold hardship and poverty.  Moving forward was more difficult than going backwards.  I was held by a string of rope by hope but I was determined to fulfil my purpose. 



My certificates failed me woefully.  They could not put two square meals on my table.  Nobody eats three square meals where I come from, so thats a forgotten issue, but just feeding myself day and night was a living nightmare. 



When i discovered that life was gradually slipping out of my hands, I decided to bury my certificates and resurrect my God given creativity.  Formal certificates can become a  beast of burden in a nation that places no value on education. 


So, I looked inward, search for available  strength, learned as many skills as required and honed my residual skills. 


The cheapest materials were the unneeded ones and useless. The rubbish waste, the used and discarded ...these resonate deeply with me. It was the story of my life. Used. Abused. Discarded but discovered. 


Wow. My story is being replayed by me.


Beautiful to visualise but hard to 'practicalise'.  I could see where I was going, when I want to go, why I want to go, what I want to do to get to where I want to go to,  but how to get there became a bone stucked in my throat.


Initially, starting was hard.

But, I started anyway.  No going back. 


I began to create, recreate and co-create.

Each new creation was ugly.  I made is milder by laughing at myself, more than anyone else could.  If I could laugh at my ugly creations, other people's jest and mockery was nothing to me.


This life, If one is down, there should be no fear of falling anymore.  Mocking or making jest of my amateurish creation couldn't hold me back. I kept on climbing the ladder and I daily honed my amateurish skills in Art.

You won't believe that as I keep on repeating and recreating, the creations were becoming clearer and less ugly to my eyes.

My determination was strong.


It was a ride or die.


I was working round the clock and the number one change that I noted was that I began to heal of every internal emotional wounds.


My future was more important than all my past mistakes, wounds and pains. I didn't just want to escape, I want to escape with as many women as possible more, more women perched on my shoulders as I fly away to a safer and peaceful distance. 


Creativity became my healing balm. My products became my voice. They could natrate my story in my absence. Each artwork needs just a pair of eyes or a gentle touch to feel it, in order to assimilate the message. 


And each piece of my work is an  Artwork also a message in disguise. 


I was making bags with any left over fabrics sewn together and the bags were telling my stories before I could open my mouth to speak!


The left-over from my left over fabrics were giving me concerns, thousands of tiny pieces of fabrics.  The concerns kept me awake. The sleepless nights made me to look out for solutions to the left-over of my left-over fabrics.  


This brought about the creation of artworks from tiny left over fabrics. 


Creating artworks with fabrics was a very hard work for  me; without any prior formal training or certificates, but the artworks was opening greater doors of opportunities globally. 


It connected me with great minds and I was able to do what I never imagined that I Icould ever create. 


Lastly, the Artwork screams. The message is louder and clearer without any microphone.  


Worldpulse gave me the first platform to create Art. My sisters cheer me on. The community was my Gallery and exhibition grounds.  My sisters were my spectators and buyers. My sisters determined my prices and most times triples the price of my artworks. 


The highest patronage came from my sisters and brothers online. You will find it hard to believe that, nobody offline, residing in Nigeria bought any of my artworks in the first three years of my Artwork existence  in Africa!


The first ever Art commission from a Nigerian was recently in May 25th, 2020. A sister online from Eastern Nigeria who is my Facebook friend.  She commissioned her Logo. Its a beautiful logo about Women Power. 

This really shows that it was only my online family that supported and believed in my creativity from day one!


I have sold more than 300 Treasures altogether, yet no gallery accepted my products in Nigeria. 


Easy to conclude that my sisters and brothers are my galleries and clients. 


Every sale of my artwork came from my global sister or brother.  Its amazing to experience the power of connection. 


My first artwork was bought by Jensine Larsen, the CEO and Founder of Worldpulse, It is the face of Africa.  After which all my sisters on Worldpulse that I have met have bought a  thing or two or three from my Treasure virtual shop. 



With each purchase, my life did not only change but also the lives of those of my sisters that I work for in Nigeria.  Ironucally, and most importantly, it  gave me the opportunity to live with my global sisters and brothers in their various houses.


Every Treasure bought and hanged in my sisters and brothers living rooms means my presence.


My art became a two edged sword! The buyers are not just my clients, they are my lifters. Each purchase reposited me, lifting me from the mire and repositioning me in my dream land.


As these game- changers intentionally made their purchases to help me, I was helping more and more women and building the centre to support my fellow women in Nigeria.


Art has healed me,

Art has helped me to fulfil some purposes.

Art has connected me.

Art has opened  doors for me.

Arts help me to build my dreams 

Art has planted my feet on a higher ground..

Arts has helped me to tell the untold stories ...

Arts has helped me to appreciate my sisters best...

Art has helped me to appreciate Arts better. 

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