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August Encourager Party!

\"Always be generous with your encouraging words, you may find they will inspire others to be the best they can be.\" — Catherine Pulsifer  

When we think about generosity, the first thing that enters our mind is giving/donating money; however, the most generous gesture of all is sharing your time. With the right opportunity we can earn money, but we cannot take back wasted time.

Encouragers are generous people. They choose to give a portion of precious time to listen, to care, and to uplift. I have proven that here on World Pulse and during Encourager Parties.

World Pulse organizes Encourager Parties every last Friday on the month, 3PM GMT. This is a time to gather and appreciate encouragers, share tips, and listen to them.

On August 28, 2020, we had our third and longest party!

I joined Zoom forty minutes early that Friday to test my audio and video, check my background, and review the program flow. I was surprised to see eight women on the call. I thought I disrupted an earlier World Pulse meeting. I was about to leave when I heard them say, “It’s Karen!”, “Hello, Karen!”

“Wow! You’re so early!”, I responded. There I saw SophieRegina, and Honorine from Cameroon;Thelma and Hawwah from Nigeria; Anjana and her daughter Aarya from Nepal; and Seema from India. Their energy was so high and positive! More early birds joined in!

We exchanged “how are you’s?”.

We sang “Happy birthday” to Anjana and Regina (August babies!)

We learned from Hawwah some informative facts about Nepal, India, and Africa.

We wowed when Seema showed her necklace given by Jill (Spain).

We listened as they share what motivates them to encourage on World Pulse.

There was still time to teach them Mae Ann's World Pulse clap.

Dawn played our Encourager Party music. It was a splendid time spent with the early birds.

As the program began, Dawn welcomed everyone, at the same time, Manasa assisted behind the scenes and helped with the transcription. The chatbox was overflowing with introductory messages from encouragers across the globe.

We began by celebrating our August Featured Encouragers: Tam (Canada), Veronica (Cameroon), and Thelma (Nigeria). Each one read their awe-inspiring quotes on encouragement. We showed our appreciation through our World Pulse claps! It was so invigorating to read messages of “Congratulations!” on the chatbox!

The team asked Beatrice (South Africa) to read her lovely quote for us,

I absolutely love World Pulse, I feel so at home and I value that I have found so many hearts in one place that are looking to beat together”.

For the tips, I showed how to navigate on “My Pulse” Page (Featured, Recent, Following, Interests tabs); and how to look out for posts with “My First Story”. I reminded encouragers to “Send Love” to posts, and to use the translation tool to understand stories written in foreign language. (Note: From the month of June to August, we have accumulated 10 Encourager Tips! If you want a copy, kindly reach out to our beloved Manasa.)

The team shared a remarkable quote from Caroline (Nigeria) to inspire encouragers,

“I can never forget the moment I wrote my first post on World Pulse and right away four people reached out. It was such a memorable experience for me. I always take time to read every comment and respond to each person because it just means so much that people connect with your vision and what you care about…those moments continue to resonate for me. Beyond just encouraging, some of these Encouragers take the time to build personal relationships with you and provide an emotional support system for you that keep you going….that is really special.”

Before \"Party Time\" began, Dawn announced a new Call for Stories on Encouragement. Then it was time to log on and lift up!

After encouragers left comments on World Pulse, they shared what stories touched them during breakout sessions.

Just as we thought the party was over, there were around fourteen sisters who didn’t want the party to end. They stayed on and chatted with each other.

So far this has been the most momentous party we had. Encouragers are truly generous! They are willing to spend time to uplift one another.

Dear encouragers,

It is always a joy to see you during our virtual parties.

Thank you for choosing to \"listen\".

Thank you for sending caring comments to our World Pulse sisters.

Thank you for being generous with your time.

Each of you is valuable; your role is significant. Each comment you write matters because no one can encourage the way you do. Your authentic and unique style of encouragement makes you one of a kind. The World Pulse Team and Community appreciate your love, effort, and generosity! Thank you for helping build a loving community of women!

To end, let me share this lovely feedbacks from Shruti (India):

\"The Encourager Party by World Pulse is such a breath of fresh air for me last night. After a hard knock day mentally, seeing a bunch of lovely face was like a therapy session. Big hearts all around!\"

And from E.J.:

\"Thank you for the helpful tips given during the last Encouragers meeting. Before then, I didn’t know how to navigate the website, especially to get the recent or first posts easily. Now I know.:) \"

See you again on September! Invite friends. Be early! Register in advance!

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