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Be an Encourager

It was amazing to catch up with women last Encourager Party. Once a month, we celebrate with women around the world with a heartfelt comment by saying positive word, love and hugs.

The Encourager Party is our way to uplift and bring the Encouragers together.

I congratulate fellow encouragers who was featured from December and January.

JoMarie, \"Encouragement is the energy that ignites, nurtures and protects courage until it is ready to awaken, rise, move forward and take its' course.\"

J Brenda, “When I encourage a sister who could be going through a similar situation as me, I am encouraged too at the end. It is like nursing someone else’s wounds when you to have wounds on your fingers”

Kabahenda, “I love providing encouragement to World Pulse sisters because it teaches me to be more empathetic and compassionate while strengthening the bonds of solidarity and sisterhood”

Valem “Encouragement to me means to boost self-esteem of World Pulse users.  I want to make women around me all over the world feel special and strong.  I am encouraging to make them speak up, also know the value of their opinion and never scared to use their voice”

Anum,” My reason for encouraging is to express my gratitude for the excellent care, love and strength I received at World Pulse Community”

Encouragement means the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

Our dear Karen, who is our Encourager guru always share her tips on encouragement.  Do you like to know what it is? Join us on our next Encourager Party, you will be amazed with her tips.  Here’s a two of her tips copied from her post last December 1.

  • Relate your experience to the story. It gives validation to the storyteller that you understand what she's going through. A strong connection is formed when we show our own vulnerability. It conveys a message of empathy, \"I get it. I've been there.\"  Just remember to bring the attention back to her story or topic

  • Recognize the storyteller's potential. Observe what her strengths, skills, and experiences are. Build her up by casting a vision of what she can do, where she can go, and who she can be

World Pulse acknowledge the top 10 World Pulse Sisters with the highest engagement in 2020.  Congratulations! We appreciate your time, support and encouragement. Because of your time and love, women feel heard, seen and valued, from World Pulse.

Jill Langhus from Spain, Karen Axalan from Philippines, Nini Mappo from Kenya, Anita Shrestha from Nepal,  Ana Isabel Paraguay from Brazil, Tamarack Verral from Canada, Andrace E.J. from Nigeria, Beth Lacey from USA, Chi8629 Chioma from Nigeria, and Maeann from Philippines.

I joined World Pulse last February 2017. It’s my 4th year as an Encourager. I celebrate friendship and sisterhood globally.  I may not personally meet each of members but the bond and connection are precious.

As an Encourager, there are some challenges to consistently read a post and comment. Here are some steps how I carry on to be an Encourager.

1. I ask myself HOW?

  • How I feel when someone read my story? How I feel when someone listen to my story?

  • If I am heard and understand.The message of empathy has been conveyed to me. And so, I do the same thing to others. “Do to others what you want them do to you”

2. I make it a habit. I put my heart and mind into something that I really like and get good at it.

  • Each time you encourage a woman or man, you are a leader.

  • Each time you write a page, you are a writer.

  • Each time you sing, you are a singer.

3. I set schedule – I choose a day when to post, read, comment and reply.

      I set my schedule to read 3 stories and post encouraging word every other day. My Tuesday and Thursday are my online visibility.

4. I ask powerful question

     There are some stories that are sensitive, new to you, heart-warming, discouraging, depressing and over whelming. Sometimes, I don’t know what to say.

     I learned to use 5W and 1H in asking a question, base from the story. This boosts the conversation (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How).


  • Who is your inspiration?

  • What are you most passionate about?

  • Where is a safe place for you and your family?

  • When did you learn that you can be a person of influence?

  • Why do you choose that kind of advocacy?

  • How would you describe your relationship with your friend?

5. I attend the Encourager Party

     It stimulates my interest and enhance my self-esteem. Whenever I attend the party, I see beautiful faces behind the words. I belong to a tribe of women with a powerful story that bring inspiration, values and individual identity.

Thank you to my World Pulse sisters who believe in me. You are the reason why I am an active Encourager. 


We face a myriad of problems in life.  We need a dose of encouragement daily.  I encourage because words have power.  Every word can bring a difference to a person who needs to be seen and cared about.  World Pulse gives me an opportunity, so I connect with a heart by making a significant impact on people’s lives.  Thriving to see individual reach their potential and add value to their lives.  I love encouraging, it’s one of my favorite hobby, Maeann


I Connect with a heart.  I live a life of empowerment. I Influence to accomplished.


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