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Be aware ladies....

Sometimes things go wrong. Very wrong. Few days back I heard a story about a woman who got married to an established business man. Her parents were happy. She thought she is going to have a beautiful life with this person. But that person had some other intentions infact. He started using her as a sex slave. Here, I want to say something about our South Asian societies. No matter what nation it may be, we have some similarities. We think pronouncing the term \"sex slave\" is reprehensible. For this mentality, if someone is even used like that, she is not supported. Instead, it is considered that may be the woman has some gestures/ some behaviors for which men are attracted to her. As it is the woman's fault, let her be in that situation. We believe in closing our eyes, ears and thinking that the problem is solved. We never realize how the victim must have been feeling, being used like that. Well, let me get back to my story. The husband started using her as a sex slave, which means she was forced to sleep with whomever her husband wanted her to. I think those days were most horrifying days for her life. She let her mother know. But her mother did not take any initiative to save her from that condition. She lived in that condition for almost six years and after that she escaped from her husband's house and went to her father. She told him everything. And her father filed a case against that person.

My point is, the lady could be saved from this condition just after the first incident, as she informed her mother. But her mother feared the society and did not say anything to anyone. Did this help? It did not. She endured this for a very long time and became a living dead. What good did this bring to the society? She had dreamt a beautiful life, not to be a public property; which she was forced to become.

Whatever religion you are from, wedding is treated as a very sacred bond. Through wedding a husband promises his wife his deepest love, his fullest devotion and his tenderest care. I just wonder, how on earth, this bond can be disgraced like this!!!!????

South and Central Asia
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