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Body Shaming

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez
Serena Williams
Serena Williams
Kim Winslet
Kim Winslet

Body Shaming, let’s understand it and see how it happens and to who all it happened?

Body Shaming is when someone criticizes a person about its body type

i.e. She is too thin. She is too fat. She is too dark. She looks like a vampire type white.

You need to understand that it is nothing but a form of bullying and people they do it mostly to either get your attention or to inculcate a feeling of inferiority in you.

The purpose to drag you down, humiliate you, trying to control you.

First, we need to understand that nobody type is perfect, mostly we attach importance of the female body with male preferences. But you need to understand that you cannot satisfy and make the entire world to love you to approve your lifestyle and choices. For example, mostly media hype about zero sizes as perfect, but in reality, there are men who hate zero sizes and say a woman should have some flesh on her body, others find dusky or black as a turn on, few like hair types long, black/blonde, straight/wavy.

We should take a responsibility to stop this trend of humiliating us by using our body as a weapon to control and hurt us.

As women, we need to understand that we should avoid comparing ourself and do not allow others to compare us with any other women such as friends, batch mates, relatives and colleagues.

We should also come forward and stop people around us by talking or criticizing other women at their behind about their body shape or styles.

Now let's see how it happens and with whom?

It happens with people like me and you i.e. commoners, but it does not mean that it does not happen to celebrities.

There are so many incidents when famous, successful, rich and beautiful women from the entertainment world have to been criticized or body shamed.

Serena Williams,

Greatest tennis player of all times; 23 times Grand Slam Champion is called too muscular, too often by her fans, which affected her negatively and hurt her emotionally. But she realized that whatever she achieved in her personal and professional life is because of her body and started calling it her Weapon.

Kate Winslet

They bullied the lead role actress of Titan, who changed and redefined the definition of beauty in her school by her classmates as they called her Blubber. She paid no attention to those negative remarks, ignored it and proved them all wrong.

This shows it does not matter who you are and what you are? People will try to control you by body shaming and you need to stop it by stepping out and saying:- Listen, it’s my body and my choice. You just mind your business. OR Go, Get A Life!

Let me take you through my journey of understanding myself as a human and woman. I realized that when we talk about women; we focus on physical appearance means she is just an object in this world. That’s how you are treated in this external world, and that’s how you see yourself. But that’s not your actual identity is:- You are a world in yourself with intelligence, wisdom, education, emotions, etc.

A world which is divided into spheres and all that spheres combine to create a woman.

Heart, Brain/Mind, Spirit (Soul/Conscious), Body Physical

The most important thing is to have peace of heart and mind which can be achieved by doing prayers, working for less fortunate people, techniques like yoga or meditation.

Once you have achieved that state comes to your i.e. brain mainly intelligence which can be achieved through books and education. It tells you what all existed, and all exists now, how these things happened and what can be the future of this world and humanity. This one thing empowers you most as you can earn money, which makes you independent. But in today's world, it’s not just IQ, they need EQ too; to make you a successful leader or changemaker.

At last comes your body, you need a healthy body first; exercise, a good diet, good food habits, etc. Now, let us move to that one thing which is considered as the most important as it’s mostly highlighted in glamour world i.e. fashion and make-up. For sure, go ahead pamper yourself with some beauty products, fancy dresses, jewellery, fragrances, etc.

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