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Hello all!

Sorry it's been too long, since a book club check in. Darcey, thank you for initiating a discussion. We needed a good jump start. So, the plan for March/April was to read \"Walking on Fire: Haitian Women's Stories of Survival and Resistance\". I don't know if everyone was able to find it though. I have a copy and am not too far in yet. Powerful so far, wow. How about you all?

It sounds like everyone is reading interesting books, and wants to discuss. Maybe what we should do is create posts, titled for the books read, and then we can all comment on them as we read them. That way the discussion can go on for as long as we wish. Like a thread discussion.

So for example, K-lee could start a discussion post in the Book Club titled \"The Case for the Exploding Mangos\", and then everyone who has read it can comment. Darcey, if you wanted to, you could start a thread for the Vagina Monologues (as you mentioned in the last post that you just read). Or, I could also create a list of books that have been read \"Half the Yellow Moon\", \"No Woman, No Cry\", etc. and create posts, and then everyone who wishes to comment can do so. And the discussion can live on as we all read.

I know that Joan, in Kenya just received \"Half the Sky\". It took over 2 months to get there, but she finally received it. Yay!! And Nusrat and Khushbu received it somewhat recently also. I am sure they all will want to discuss the book when they finish.

I've heard \"The Blue Sweater\" is phenomenal. Let's see, what else...
There are some new books on the World Pulse Arts/Books page:

A Woman Among Warlords sounds interesting

There's quite a few books on the Arts/Books page that would be great reads.

I have heard \"Three Cups of Tea\" by Greg Mortenson is incredible. Not written by a woman, but definitely pertinent to global issues, education, poverty reduction, and empowerment.

I came across \"Mountains Beyond Mountains\" by Tracy Kidder, and it sounds amazing.

I feel like our book shelf is growing, and it's exciting to know that we have all been reading and now have more books to discuss. Maybe the ongoing book discussions are a better idea for the book club. Not to say, we don't continue having specific books for the bi-monthly list, just that the past books stay \"alive\" in the book club discussions. What do you all think? Comments, ideas, input... What would you like to read?

Hope you are all well, and are in the middle of a great book!


Northern America
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