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Breaking Free from Isolation

Many woman face difficult challenges to accessing the internet. The internet is my lifeline to the outside World. I suffer from a incurable illness called endometriosis among other life threatening conditions. Because of endometriosis I am often in a lot of pain and am unable to go out. I participate in protests through livestream and keep in contact with family cross country on facebook. I am also a musician and design my own website to promote my music to the whole World. I currently have fans from across the globe. Because of my illness my family has financial difficulties and so there is constantly a worry of losing internet service. When that happens I suffer depression and anxiety. My music is politically and spiritually charged. I talk about many issues that have faced women for generations including healthcare, womens rights, traditional roles, and inspiring unity. Making music has never been as much about making money as it has been about spreading awareness of the injustices we all face and bringing about a new way of thinking.

I am thankful for my husband who has been there for me even though I have many health issues. He makes a modest living but thankfully has a good work ethic that has been able to sustain us, even if it's barely enough in the current economy. As the mother of a daughter I feel it is my duty to try and make this World a better place even if it's only in a small way. Through my music I am handing down a legacy of my life and a history of my generations struggles and viewpoints. Going forward my daughter is the next generation of women and I have raised her to be independant minded and persistant. She also stuggles with epilepsy and despite that is doing well in school and is known for being incredibly social. Even at her young age she is breaking barriers and shaking things up! I am hopeful that the next generation of women can take it one step further and achieve equality within their own lifetime! Internet access is crucial to that by providing educational resources and inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about my life and consider me for Voices Rising! I am honored to be a part of World Pulse and everything that it represents!

Economic Power
Northern America
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