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Build Awareness On The Plight Of Adolescent Mothers With Me

My campaign seeks to bring to the front burners the difficult issues young mothers face as a result of stigmatization. The goal of the campaign is to collect the stories of women who were left to fend for themselves as teen mothers with emphasis on the problems they faced, the help they wish they had, and to highlight ways in which their lives would have been different if they had received the support from family and community instead of being castigated and condemned.

My goal is to help end the shame-game andbuild a strong support system foradolescent mothers and their vulnerable children.

How to Get Involved

Join us to voice support for teenage mothers to rise above the cloud of rejection and dare to dream again. Send your inspirational stories (maximum of 400 words) of trauma and triumph; the stories of storm and solution; be an advocate for young mothers. We welcome your stories from every part of Nigeria, and the world! Send your stories to

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A girl’s life and dreams should not come to a halt because she got pregnant while in school. Let’s unite and give her a second chance to build see her dream come true! Follow us on twitter #SecondChanceForAdolescentMothers

We need you! Please help us help our young mothers begin again! Join the online train of changemakers! Spark the fire of Newness! Spread the message of Hope! We love you!!!

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