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Can I write?

I always loved writers work and “journalism” in general but “Can I write? How can they write?” was my question and sometimes I think “Is being a journalist an impossible mission?” finally I got a source World Pulse Voices of Our Future an online training course sounded interesting and best opportunity to me for those who want to become a journalist and get enough information.
I had already finished teaching in a training course of English language in one of the local Kurdish NGOs in Kurdistan Region - Iraq which works for promoting and developing society in Kurdistan Region, So I usually do surf the net for all kind of news and check my email daily but at that time exactly I was looking for a job in news papers and internet reading job vacancies in companies and NGOs in Erbil city. While I was looking at job vacancies I saw an advertisement saying there is an “online journalism training course for women” for those who are interested can apply online through a link which was given.
Clicking on the link for the first time I saw World Pulse website with their slogan Voices of Our Future. I looked at the home page read some stories and news about women from different parts of the world talking about their lives, experiences and problems they are suffering from. Then I continued reading until I reached the part how to apply to become a member and register to go through application and selection process. After registration and application, it was very exciting to open the conversation by talking about your personal hero and it was more exciting to know that many of the heroes were Mothers. So I find myself very lucky to be among those active motivated women online who struggle and work hard for women and empowerment it was something I never expected to see in this training course.

South and Central Asia
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