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Changing Sustainable Farming with Leonida Odongo | Inspiring Women Ep.3

Featuring Leonida Odongo, she is a Kenyan social justice activist with vast experience in grassroots organising, advocacy, adult learning methodologies. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Nairobi and is currently undertaking a Masters in International Conflict Management. Leonida has a passion working with grassroots communities on Food Justice, Climate Justice, rural women and with youth and has coordinated eastern and southern Africa region on behalf of Ibon International –Africa focusing on Climate Justice, Food Justice and Civil Society Development Effectiveness (CSO-DE). 

Leonida nurtures university students on human rights and social justice in Universities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. A freelance writer amplifying community experiences, Leonida’s articles have featured on, documenting community experiences and her articles have featured on World Pulse, Black Agenda Report, Pambazuka News and Third World Network,
Leonida is also a co-coordinator of the Seed Working Group at the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa as well as a member of the Climate Action Group and she is also Vocal contributor at World Pulse – a global online women’s network representing 190 countries.

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