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Cheers to Hope

Happy New Year to all my World Pulse sisters,the team, to those I grown close too, those who take time to mentor me, those I'm still getting to know, I love, and appreciate you all and if you are reading this, them you are blessed and have been given the chance to continue to fulfil purpose

Your stories, have inspired me, encouraged me, edified me, made me laugh, cry or think, your stories, our stories are impacting lives. 

What a year 2021 has been, it has tested us, we have won some battles, lost some, learnt from some. We have had our loved ones taken. from us by a disease that shows no mercy, whether planned or planted, its wrecking lives, life has  been altered for so many, so much has had to be shifted, pivoted, reset 

Cheers to my sisters, who have survived, whatever challenged us this last year, my prayers and encouragement to those going through circumstances they wish wouldn't be. 

This pandemic has taught me  to value what's most important, my relationship with my creator, my family, my support system, my purpose

I wish for all of you accomplishments of your dreams, your goals, I thank the community for the support its provided, this hub is my  safe space, I find love here, I find purpose here, support, encouragement and opportunity to realize my dreams

Thank you world pulse, thank you sisters, cheers to an amazing 2022, let's go out there and leave our mark 


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