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Conference Theme :Exploring Stepping-Stones;Sexual Identity and Gender Equality

I am attending a 3 days' conference whose theme is:Exploring Stepping-Stones;Sexual Identity and Gender Equality. The organizer of this conference is, Centre for Research and Innovation for Change. The conference is championing a creative space of critical reflection and action , and provides opportunities for inspiration and synergy towards a more humane society. There are the vulnerable, invisible, and unheard multitude whose voices must be heard, their dignity restored and their rights actualized.

Among topics to be handled by various scholars and theologians are:
1. Myths of Sexuality, Sexual Relations and Identity in Africa.
2. Human Sexuality and African Dilemma-Introducing Some Pressing Contemporary Issues.
3. Breaking the Silence and Elimination of Stigma on LGBTI.
4. The Existential Basis of Human Sexual Identity;Contemplating our common humanity and diversity with dignity.
5. Telling the Story of Human Sexuality from the LGBTI perspective
6. Human Rights, Social Justice and Human Sexuality.
7. New Wine in New Wineskins; Towards a liberating theology of sexuality.
8. Introducing Politics of Gender, Culture and Religion in relation to Human Sexuality.
9. Regulating Desire;Overcoming the Limitation of theological and ethical Language on Human Sexuality in Africa
10. Human Sexuality Perspectives of African psychiatrists.
11.Facing Facts about Violence against LGBTI;Global and Local realities.
12. Sexual Rights in Human Rights Law and the African Charter of Human and Peoples Rights.

I hope to learn more from this conference. The Core Values of CRIC are derived from a spiritual, political, ecumenical and humanistic vision of yet a diverse yet interdependent society. This is what the conference theme hopes to achieve.

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