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It’s a journey that lasts millions of miles and hundreds of years until the end of time because no matter where one stops, another person will take the lead and continue. I can say it’s an unending journey though I have stop at World Pulse for now for a rest so as to add to my (and that of others) basket of knowledge and experience some wonderful life changing things from World Pulse to carry along the journey. In 2006, my dream of reaching out to other communities was trickle up after I attended a seminar on Management of NGOs. In the seminar I realized that women attendance was low and I ask this question “why were women not invited” I discovered that women lack access to information on issues that can help them. This drew my interest in trying to reach out to women through development projects as I will find out things and go to them.
My stop at WP was recent as I went online to search for women network organizations with an objective of meeting women, learning new ideas, sharing knowledge and experiences, discovering the world etc. When I saw the World pulse I decided to explore the site and be hold it was just the right place for me that is why I stopped. I registered and as I navigated the site I came across 2013 voices of Our Future something inside me told me to join and here I am today.
Lucy’s journey to World Pulse is one that I will never regret because all my life I have always dream of being a representative for women in my town. Amongst my peers I have been the spokes person. Joining World Pulse and the 2013 voices of Our Future, I believe I will gain more knowledge as I will acquire new skills and improve on the skills I already have. I will meet women who will guide me attain my goals for example my posting on “WOMEN AND THEIR FINANCES” I have already receive many strategies and suggestions from other women all over the world. Their contribution adds a step to my plans for the future that I must say LONG LIVE World Pulse. Long LIVE the VOICES OF WOMEN!

Human Rights
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