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Corrective Rape in Africa

The link to my video about corrective rape:

Corrective rape is a movement started by men in South Africa. Those men believe that lesbians are evil, unnatural, mentally disturbed, and they want to be men. They rape lesbian women with a goal of turning them straight.

I never said that i am a man. I don't even labeled myself as a woman, because to put myself in that category, means that i give permission to an African man to lay a hand on me, to disrespect me, and to treat me like shit. I am lesbian women, i deserve to be treated with love and respect.

I am valuable, loveable, and important.

I really thought about it, and i came to realize that men detest lesbian women because lesbian women are excluding themselves from the woman's category. By doing so, lesbians avoid being abused by these brutal African men. They also show other women that they do not need a man around, to make them happy, or to help them start their own families. They show straight women that there is way to be free of male abuse.

According to a lesbian, well known writer, Monique Wittig, "The refusal to become (or to remain) heterosexual always meant to refuse to become a woman or a man, consciously or not." I agree with Wittig, because some lesbians in Africa, excluded themselves from the woman's category, so that they do not end up being abused as other women are. However, they also refuse to become men, because they see a man as someone who does not have respect for women.

The reason i say this is because Africa is a male dominated continent, society and culture. Men rule everything. Also traditions in Africa, gave all the power to men, and fooled women by making women think that they can't be happy without men, they can't survive without men, and men are the only ones who can make them happy and provide for them.

I respect lesbian women! They are independent women. They were raised by the old culture rules of "Let a man do for a woman." But they do not live by those rules.As an African young women, i don't live by that. I am lesbian women, i do for myself, i don't depend on a man, and i do not need a man to be happy.

Can i be accepted for what i am? I will never change for anybody. I am happy and proud to be a lesbian woman.

May their souls rest in peace.

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