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Creation of Evestown

Hello, My name is Jak Gach. I'm an 18-year-old African woman from Nebraska and I'm posting this today because I would like to give you information about a project I am working on. I found this website while looking for funding and grants. I was hoping to reach the right people, maybe gain opportunities for donations and funds, so far I've had no luck. I'm hoping to fund a community for women and children escaping poverty and abuse. I often see shelters that allow one night stays and foster homes that remove children from loving but struggling mothers. I'm hoping to create a community that allows these poor families to stay together in a home for as long as needed until the head of the house gets back on their feet and reenters the workforce. This is a plan that is years in the making and inspired by my own struggles as a poor and abused kid. My parents are refugees from South Sudan. My mother came here when she was 20 with my oldest sister. Then she had my second oldest sister and after she had me. My dad, he came a few years before her and was a poor taxi driver down south. They got together and it was a match made in the 7th circle of hell. My father was an alcoholic who hated working and leached off my mother's money. He's always had an inferiority complex that expressed its self through cars, watches, clothes, and expensive home decorations. None of which we could actually afford. We were always living with the threat of eviction looming over our heads. We would go to sleep hungry every night, go months without our light or gas on because he refused to pay, miss days of school because we were covered in bruises, or had no clean clothes. It was a hard existence living under my father's reign of terror. I want to help women who are experiencing similar struggles. It's hard to escape poverty and abuse. I want to take some of the burdens off their shoulders. 

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