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Cyclone Idai has HIT the Southern Part in African region and caused havoc there.

Almost all humanitarian agencies has camped out there in the name Relief.

Surely we need all help  like food, clean water ,drugs and all other needs

What hurts many is the manner the men community now behaving out there

According to the news coming from those countries already hit,men has started to marry young girls in the name of keeping them save.

It is good to save a person.Old or young,child or a baby but to misuse a girl under age is demonical

About two years ago, I used  my tweet to advocate for young girls in Malawi which was later taken up by media

and it helped

The cause of all this problems we are having here in Africa is caused by men who I think do not wish to change from traditions ,customs and culture

Now, you are a man of goodwill--How would you feel if your daughter in a disaster, may it be man made or natural

and the man who is to save takes her for  a third wife or so----

Men, whether you are a kings ,presidents and all other titles going with you,I know you are a religion of your own and your god is known as DAREDEVIL

This is a greed god thirst of blood, money,women,war and conflicts as we witness in the whole world

I would like to call all men of good will to throw away the blankets and start fighting for the rights of young child,girls, boys and mothers from the violation committed against them by this dangerous god

I would like t make a call to The United Nations TO COME UP AND DEVELOP A PROGRAM TO EDUCATE AND BUILD AWARE INTO THE MIND OF MEN on how to stop this dirt things they are doing here in Africa

A good example is the manner men are dealing with EBOLA DISASTER IN THE DRC-CONGO

How on earth, you have left your family in any part in this wider world to come to congo and help those who are to die and instead of welcoming them

,one is shoot to die?

At times one wonders how- what do united Nations operates at its security council

The pains in Africa is beyond food and water with men who kills three children and mother,r

RAPED SOME GRANDMOTHER TO DEATH , out to  sodomise  young boys in disaster pron area--

KIPLOMANIAC should be their  NAME

I AM calling the U-N SECURITY COUNCIL once again to rethink and start dealing with this men head on

Whether it would come out to create a new court to deal with this type of issues on you did it alone--.

this court should be an offshoot of the ICC court which is all slow to do away with even one case, taking years while there are many judges looking for jobs to undertake.

I continue calling all men of goodwill,presidents, kings, priests and all others to come out and let us help our sisters mothers and daughters

You see Africa is at its  last hour .The sun has set and every minute something dangerous is coming out

Tell us,the cyclone is here

--how are we going to solve all the problem aftermath And for how long?

HERE IN  Africa we do not have national disaster planning like FEMA in the USA and work is done any how

Where a hoe is needed, a panga is USED and where maize is needed you might as well find arrow roots

AND to the men   of --

Simon K. Mureu

certified chaplain disasters

Girl Power
Gender-based Violence
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