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Daughters Invaluable

Dear All

How are you getting on?I have been missing you and I am so existed to meet new friends from VOF 2011 . Have you got some interesting changes lately? For me I have been thinking about starting my vision plan and I would like to add your ideas, suggestions to accomplish my plan.

First I was thinking about the name of the organization and finally , I got the idea of ' Invaluable Daughters ' and I thought it was quite simple and I wanted to change the order of two words and thinking if it is possible . When I remembered a name of famous movie ;Mission Impossible ' I thought it's possible .( quite funny ) . And I prefer 'Daughters Invaluable' for more lovely name

The name defines the value of our girls who are ignored by community in some places . And I want to proof their strength and values throughout my project The project is designed to promote girls' development .through free education support. which I am highly confident with my experience and knowledge. The project will focus on two main developments. The first one will be providing courses from secondary education here to help their job' prospect and to enter to university education. The second one will be citizenship education which will develop girls' critical thinking skills through activities and internet access ..

Here is the some more detail about my project plan and any of your contributions will be highly honored.

To promotes vulnerable girls with free education through creative learning process for their personal skills , job prospect and higher education.

1. To provide vulnerable girls tuition free classes at homes and charity centers by teaching school subjects from Grade 9 to Grade 11 .

  1. To promote girls' personal skills through citizenship education. and internet access ..

  2. To help girls with difficulty of educational expense by providing reading and writing materials for free.

Choosing the beneficiaries
The girls from slum areas and charity centers who are in Grade 9 , Grade 10 and Grade 11 will be chosen. There will be one hundred girls in the first year.

To save their time and transportation charges , we will go to the centers and houses where they gather in groups of five to twenty .

Project Curriculum
The curriculum will be designed with school subjects and citizenship education . Every session starts with sharing feelings. Teaching School subjects will help the girls to become a high school graduate and fulfill the job prospect . Activities from the citizenship education will develop their critical thinking skills, problem solving skill , knowledge , self-value ,attitude on communities and awareness in local and international issues and development , Sharing session will help know their challenges and motivation effecting their learning process. Internet access will be a help for assignment references and other helpful knowledge.

Evaluation and reporting
Performances and progress of the girls outcomes will be evaluated through monthly tests and reported to their parents , guardians , donors and fund raisers .

Materials provision
Writing and reading materials and some required stationery will be provided accordingly.

Recruiting teachers
Graduates of citizenship education and majored in respective subjects will be hired and some high school graduate with flying colors might be hired for their expertise . Some teachers will be hired for part time and some for full time according to their availability. All teachers will be female teachers. First high school graduates from the project can be teachers at the project . Citizenship trainings will be organized occasionally and monthly meetings will be held for feedback and better outcomes.

Project sustainability
We will form a fund raising members group and each member will contribute one thousand Kyats , equivalent to $ 1. 25 according to present exchange rate. We will expect to get some donors by the proof of success of the project.

Anticipated challenges
The biggest challenge is to start it up and finding donors will be helpful . Another big challenge will be the warranty of matriculation exam for the grade 11 girls to pass it. To solve that problem that grade will be limited to right size and spend much more time with them to make it more effective.

The project will be extended by increasing the number of girls and project areas in five years.

Budget estimation according to present exchange rate of 750 kyats per dollar
.From the first of March to thirty first of March

My salary $ 400 x 12 = $ 4800
Staff salary for eight teachers $ 1600x12 = $ 19200
Learning material for 100 girls $ 15x 100 = $ 1500
One laptop $ 800x 1 = $ 800
Office rent $ 150x 12 = $ 1800 ( closed to the sites for cheaper rent and transportation)
Transportation fees $ 400x 12 = $ 4800 ( $ 20 per day and five days per week)

Total $ 32,900

Contribution income (first year) $150 x 12 = $1800

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to seeing you here.



South and Central Asia
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