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Day 16 - Transmuting the Pain-Body: A Path to Awakening Welcome to Day 16 of our explorat

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Day 16 - Transmuting the Pain-Body: A Path to Awakening

Welcome to Day 16 of our exploration into holistic relationships. Today, we delve into the transformative journey of transcending the pain-body, a profound process that applies to all individuals, transcending gender boundaries. Drawing from the wisdom of presence, we explore the opportunity for awakening within the realm of pain.

The Pain-Body: An Accumulation of Suffering: The pain-body is an accumulation of emotional and physical pain, shaped by centuries of human suffering, particularly through the subjugation and exploitation of women. It awakens during certain times, such as menstruation, though it can be triggered at other moments as well. The pain-body seeks to feed on negative emotions and create further pain in our lives.

The Pain-Body's Takeover: At times, especially during the onset of premenstrual tension, the pain-body can attempt to take over our thoughts, emotions, and actions. It can pull us into unconscious identification with its energy field, causing us to believe we are the pain-body. It operates through us, creating negative situations to perpetuate its existence.

The Rising Consciousness of Women:A noteworthy phenomenon is the increasing number of women approaching a fully conscious state, outpacing men in this regard. Women are naturally positioned to bridge the gap between the manifested world and the Unmanifested, between physicality and spirit.

The Task at Hand: For women, the primary task is to transmute the pain-body, allowing it to no longer obstruct the connection with one's true self, the essence of who we are. While the thinking mind remains an obstacle to awakening, the pain-body poses a unique challenge.

Transmuting the Pain-Body:The process begins with heightened awareness as the menstrual cycle approaches. When the first signs of premenstrual tension emerge, such as irritation, anger, or physical symptoms, it's crucial to catch these signs before they take over. Shine the spotlight of your attention on these signs, feeling the energy behind them, and knowing that they are manifestations of the pain-body.

Be the Knowing Presence; Simultaneously, be the knowing presence. Recognize your conscious presence and feel its power. Emotions that you bring your presence into will gradually subside and transform. The key is to remain present and watch for subsequent signs of the pain-body as they arise. Stay alert and let the pain-body's turbulence subside, allowing it to transmute into radiant consciousness.

Acceptance and Transmutation: Full attention equals full acceptance. Through sustained attention and acceptance,transmutation occurs. The pain-body is transformed into radiant consciousness, much like wood becoming fire when placed near a flame.

Day-16 concludes with an invitation to embrace the transformative journey of transcending the pain-body, recognizing that this process is accessible to all individuals on their path to awakening.

Thank you for joining us on this awakening journey. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode, where we explore the Unique Path of Inner Transformation.

If you have insights or experiences related to transcending the pain-body and fostering inner transformation, please feel free to share. Your stories inspire us all on this path of self-discovery.

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