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Deluge of Invocations and Kiddush.

(The Downpour of Blessings from heavens, clouds and paradise.)

Happiness pours out.

Don't make yourselves called by anyone as foolish dead bodies. In which families have you grown up? Making yourselves unmeaningful and disvalued. An only life made for free for your merit/eligibility/ for your qualification for your own lives in value in the truth of your/our living God, our living, loving Creator’s humbleness, strength, in inner values of wisdom, kindness, mercy, grace, humility/ forgiveness. That also if you deject and reject from yourselves, what's the meaning of your lives, again in this only world of yours, this only life in your/our living Creator, our living God!!? Why do you devalue yourselves with your own ugly words coming from your own tongues? Dont you want to value yourselves? First get set ready, get up from bed rest, your long bed rests and do actions, use words diligently and with flexibility in truth of your/our living God’s wisdom, our living, loving God. If I say devalued words sitting near you, will you value me, for instance I speak, are your heads/mouths in position of your butts!? I don't say ugly incomplete short forms in my life right from my birth till now, that's why I am asking this. I know that mouths are used to say strong/full words and sentences for upliftment of ourselves and each other around us. If your mouth does the function of your butt which is down, emitting short forms of undigested words without full knowledge, what's the value even if you die or live like dead. Will anyone reuse waste substances from garbage cans!? Foolish people will use such used wastes from their garbage bins to eat and drink from it. At least, don't be like garbage bins. If you feel in your foolish actions that you are dead while living, bury yourselves in broken pieces in deep pits. 

If I am happy about your presence, be appreciative for yourselves to change in truth of your/our living God, our loving God in wisdom/strength/humility/humbleness/kindness/mercy/grace/radiance/inner values/sacrifice.

Don't lead a dead life before you die.

If your answer and short words are just yes/no, in ignorance, your life is an utter waste.

Be fruitful, speak and learn words, sentences diligently in the truth of your living God’s wisdom.

If you repeat ignorant words continuously, I will reply to you with continuous strong sentences, but if you don't listen,again I ask what should I do!?

In front of my old Vendore ‘tharavadu’ home big door steps, is the Pelayan’s big old home, now gone, the laundry women and men’s home, dhobiwaala’s home with whole clothes and cotton white sheets secured on ropes for drying it outside. My old ‘tharavadu’ home at Vendore when I see it coming from Goa belongs to my grandfather, Apaapan- Vaaru who worked in Alagappa cotton mills, Amballur, whose appa was A rich bullock cart rider doing business from Kochi-Irinjalakuda-Thrissur in old days of Keralam, India. My Vendore home that my daddy lived  from old days were built with red oxide, black oxide floors together with cement backsteps, oily colored wall paintings, with big/heavy teak wooden wide beds/katla, teak ceilings fully with ‘od’ old roofing tiles, fit and sturdy home with old fashioned rich architectures of old days’ Thrissur Vendore homes with big-big copper/bronze/iron/aluminum vessels or utensils, together with big and wide steel spoons over amidst old inside terrace on the wide attic store for wedding day- outside home kitchen preparations in dried jackfruit tree leaves filled coconut tree pits regions inside our 27 cent land or compound  ie: ‘Adukkala saji karanangal’ of those remote nature filled area’s culture maintenance.

This is ‘Amma’. You don't have to be physically beaten by me for you to run crying, be of any gender from your childhood itself, if I have done it from your childhood itself, it had happened, that's why I am saying; otherwise you won't reach here to this weak position to sit with ignorant ones for your foolish younger ones comparing who have never entered for any job also. My words have power in truth of wisdom in your/our living Creator, our loving/living God, that’s only needed between you and me here from my beginning, that you don't possess. Try to walk straightforwardly and strongly, then you will get from me after saying these words from me from my strong tongue. To be of any gender, there’s no mistake for it from my side. I have experienced it from my birth and childhood. It’s for your benefit, what your ignorant parents have not done, I will do to you. To prove which foolish person in this world are you living, one foolish person says a short ugly word, hearing that the near one says an ugly short word, competing in their weak drunkenness, their own intoxication and debauchery. All these should be written in actual Malayalam that I know only needfully, strongly to act, say at times, write it in words in my own words of literature; unlike other ignorant locals, as I have mentioned wherever as my life experience is, but still there is no easy ‘lipi’ digitized from your side, that I can easily type it in full and adhere with.

“Don't get fearful; like you have seen army or terrorist people holding big guns/pistols/rifles with multiple bullets and bombs over their shoulders. I don't fear such foolish minded people because they are just born for destruction in their ignorance. Be tranquil, speak to them calmly in any language you know which is understandable to them like about why you are here in smiles and truth, ‘like you have less supplies after huge travel, at night for instance so say that morning travel is better for little paying cash to reach my far homes, tell about you if you are strong enough like I do, be up to date-for reason. So, they will find you a secure place or will say to you to go or they will send you to a secure place from harmful places as they foolishly think in their fearful weak own ignorances, that its a dangerous place, you be loving in your sight, that others let love you in truth they find in new as I am. Don't be in your ignorance and haul over darkness, I repeat. Pling! For your ignorance and lifeless actions”- I have faced this many at late night times in dangerous areas of the border of India so you find it as dangerous, but I don't find it as dangerous at all. I always felt army people and terrorists are foolish, ignorant jokers in their own weaknesses and I have said to their faces about it secretly and publically. I always ask them to change their weak partner’s gender’s weak sex, because they are unworthy of living in their ignorance and in their lifeless actions, only to be in bed rest, inviting modern diseases not doing any flexible jobs in any matter but saying short ugly words, ruining their own lives, receiving huge salaries for saying only yes/no to their own ignorance, weak drunkenness, stupidity to ruin their lives in turmoils without speaking strong full sentences for uplifting others.

Without spreading foolishness from your side, stop, if you are a woman show the quality of a woman, if you are a man, show the quality of a man, if you are the living God, your/our living Creator, then show the quality of Yahuwah in full wisdom, in truth. Don't grope around darkness in ignorance and in lifeless actions.

Yes, it's like that. Quite natural and don't get surprised by it in your ignorance and lifeless actions. Be full of life.

When you write something, write and publish for someone else to learn to emit their ignorance and to avoid lifeless actions from themselves but not in incomplete knowledge fearing to bring it into shine or luster and to be a beacon. Don't mollycoddle others or pamper other ignorant people without knowing anything or about them in fullness or in complete knowledge. Have or eat homely natural foods, even if I like to eat nearby outside foods which may be healthy, yah but sometimes, if I go away from my residing place, Thrissur within our state itself, although if the smell is nice, it won't taste good, moreover I will be hesitant to eat such type of early morning oily foods. Depending on fresh, thoroughly running water cleansed different kinds of fruits to eat and have, carrying it with you while traveling long distances while ingesting cool mineral waters, will surely be good for us all. Eat light, like eating a muesli filled milky oat meal. Empty stomach is far better while traveling just 650 kms to and fro while eating light. Why should I honor, consider, value, respect, and dignify public people who still live in their continuity of ignorance with lifeless actions within themselves, even if several lessons were learned for themselves from good/strong people!? Yet, I remember those ones. How can you compare lands and people in your incomplete knowledge? Don't fall into your own pits of ignorance, so be mindful of what you speak. How can you compare Keralam from Goa for instance? It's clearly seen from my introduction about me that only 1987 formed state, Goa is far more different than Keralam in culture wise, formation wise, nearness of nature filled beaches, waterfalls, rivers, villages wise, only 2.5 kms distance, everything is present in that small round 1987 formed Indian ancient territory to state, while in Keralam every district and cities have beaches, rivers, hills and waterfalls within 60 or 120 or 200 kms far distance. Even Goa’s capital after 1987 is just 12 kms away from the center. Don't carry little knowledge, stupidity, mindlessness and foolishness as an asset for yourselves from an ignorant past. Don’t see your fear as my fear and don't see your untimely behavior as my untimely behavior. I am already on time. My time doesn't depend on you with your time in your ignorance. Even if you are alone, going to be paralyzed, going to be unconscious or present without one limb, walk 25 kms fully like I do, under scorching sunlight to reach your destination in scarce circumstances. Ride, drive, walk through dark, heavily rainy, hilly, secluded valleys/grounds, wide forest areas without hesitation, any protection, or without any fear, 650 kms in continuous empty stomach mostly in 70-100 kms speed in all control, steadiness even if in fist showing grips, friction, rigor or rigorous; in mileage of 11-12 hours from starting point till terminus with only Rs.900 petrol usage, like me, like I do exploring every nature in enjoyment with smiles without halt to reach your destination, then try to judge a book from its cover with your incomplete knowledge. Magic, isn't it!? Yes, everyone says it's magic.

I never attend huge occasional big wedding parties in late afternoons, particularly only in Keralam, nearby here, as I will be too tired and during long photoshoots inside in artificial lights amidst huge unwanted crowds, my face gets too dark from glowing from early morning till that time, with alarming sweats of face, urgency and exhaustion, that my face looks like a blown out, burnt pressure cooker. 

See the difference. If I get drunk and vomit a bucket of body secretions all over my dining hall and spit red pans all over my home walls, that I don't do, you will know the difference, that difference you don't know which makes me different from foolish, ignorant young ones or others in other different, far families other than mine. Because of my presence in my whole family from my birth from all specialities from outside birth, stayings, traveling long distances form age zero from anywhere else made everyone witness me and they made themselves strong in their words, life and actions and they also remained or refrained far from such lifeless ingesting habits watching me, I astonish why you cannot be same as my family members, who was thought as will not change, they changed, why can't you change!? Ignorant public buffaloes.

Young ones in the families and immature first ones who support the foolishness and ignorance of their young ones in family who have no much long journey or long travel histories, who doesn't know anything fully about keeps on telling foolishness after coming for first time in huge vehicles like trains and trams, very first time from their small, far villages and towns to far outside world and keeps on judging others in far-farty smelling jealousies, that I knew very well from their body languages, so even if I am initially brought up from outside, I could not speak to them about it as I don't know much ugly, foolish, ignorant way of talking local language till then, and I very well know my young ones in my family, so I thought let them continue their foolish comparings without looking my face, looking here and there in their little knowledge and I know, that they know, I was happy for them and enjoyed a lot about their presence, even if I did not respond to them,hmm. I can change my facial expressions, color of body/face, shape of my body, eye expressions, hair colors, lengths, heights and voice tones, body language- actions a lot, so don't be perplexed about it when you see me in months, days and years; its my own wish to changing capabilities only to observe me as well as you in all types of surroundings from my disactual or from my originals. I can even know far happenings with nearness even without talking but in a continuous special way. Yes, From any early years till now doing my works, common smiling talks and accomplishments. They reaped for their ignorant sayings step by step like chicken pox that I already got immunity naturally from early goan times/periods, and I was all alone for one month enjoying myself in Mangalore, itself. in my quarters, and all types of young ones in my family had to visit their homeland for their isolation, removing themselves from the crowded 300 member staying building, 8 members in one congested room, enjoying talking and in their other activities that I didn't know about until then. I test you more than you do, I observe you more than you do in enjoyment. I was circumcised from my tight foreskin not fully growing retraction inability downwards, at my age 25, after coming inside from outside India, 2012-13, remember and be mindful. In my case, I had many ‘fast’ or fastings of actual type of dirty sex thoughts and actions for more than 25 or 32 years in my life. This is not 1955-1990 immature foolishness/hauling over dark times personified, this is just grace-flowing from 1987-1988.

Short forms type ignorant, foolish type of words saying it is for weakness copying public people in lifeless action/little knowledge from their ancestors. Copy strong actions from your ancestors if they have done few for some intermittent times here and there. I only value my ancestors for their strong actions if they had done but not for their weak actions. A hoarse, rough, rude, husky, foul, growly, stridulant, harsh, croaky, croaking, throaty, gruff, grating, cracked voice toned public people only with ignorant-wicked laughs in lifeless actions/weak drunkenness/little knowledge/fear to accept truth keep on putting hands on all shoulders for long times for meaningless plans will say these type of short forms with ignorance and in untimely period, in such early ages now, they have/ will have whole baldness, short hairs, fix artificial vigs, with grumpy voice become gulf gate companies sponsored with earthly potted pit faces, sunken/tired/swollen/pretending to be blind eyes with beedis, cigarettes, red chewed pans/gutkas inside their mouths, with black/ brownish tooth, big-wide elephant like bellies, with 150-250 kg ms overweight bodies. I am talking about mainly young ones in their families and first ignorant ones in families who support the foolishness of young ones.

Don”t tackle or play with ‘Baby’. I don't smoke, nor chew tobacco/gutka, neither get drunk from my beginning till now at present, nor have a wicked laugh, nor anyone had dared to put their clumsy hands over my shoulders for little/long times to tell foolish ignorant things as they know who I am properly from the beginning till the present. Loving, near ones inside do so because he has strong/near/loving things to say to me for long/little times, in a continuous manner. Laughs and smiles. But, I have sweet, healthy, strong smiles with healthy laughs for many reasons, long, curly/straight, fluffy, thick grown hairs till all over the middle backbone and sides, but now nicely cut short, but still it will grow long, thick, specially shiny and healthy as my hair doesn't fade or fall away a lot, also because of an healthy, nourished scalp. I never forget good/strong actions and things in my life which come simultaneously. But, weak/ignorant things and actions, I rectify as soon as I know it's not good and forget and forgive as I am strong always to face anything alone and as I see always good in people with full, proper knowledge and wisdom in living God’s truth, I never fear to stand for truth in fighting prayers for everyone in world, every people in whole Universe in truth and not in ignorance. Remind you, every girl/boy, woman/man snores high, yawns, coughs a lot, sneezes with equal tones and voices; gargle, nauseate, burps, farts, cracks a lot with equal tones, so don't compare any gender, it's quite natural, but the thing is I do everything others for cleansing my inside body rather than snoring.

And, we all no need to be ashamed of these inner sounds, be happy for us all in your living God’s presence. Do everything freely, be free, fearless without shame but tell pardon/sorry/my mistake to near ones if done without the knowledge of yours. I observe everyone, what they do.

I remember Mani, who died on March 6, 2015, when I just reached Raipur, Chhattisgarh for a full long year visiting every corner, exploring my birthplace, nearby. Mani’s wife’s name is Nimmy same as my cousin's sister's Nimmi’s husband's name Ciril’s birthdate is on March 6 who’s from Thumburmuzhi, Irinjalakuda. My youngest brother’s birthdays on March 6, Pappu’s in whose baptism in Roman catholic times was done, which should not be done in actual Christianity without knowing anything; but only after fullness in maturity of each humanes’ ; which day connected, when my grandmother, Rosy amaama’s church door, step falling happened causing her to have rheumatoid arthritis all over body unable to walk due to which she died of heart attack in the year 2000 on March 8, women’s day, also my mother’s family Nani’s birthday is on March 8 while she also died on March 9, 2018, adjacent to her birthday. All sweet better coincidences. Mani died of some unfound liver problems due to heavy drunkenness. I appreciate everyone's happy/strong presence in your/our living God’s presence in truth of wisdom/humility/humbleness/sacrifice/strength/kindness/mercy/grace/radiance.

I never liked nor loved weak drunkenness, I repeat and say. And, also never destroy, step-side sitting small birds by stumping on them in foolish ways nor kill innocent birds flying or hovering over, just for sake of, within your ignorance in mine wisdom in your/our living God’s truth, nor destroy animals; birds, for instance as clearly you can see; witness them, they observe each people down and everyone from above flying/hovering/soaring over looking down, who are going into good works or ways and who do go to pits/deaths or ungood deeds. They are also our living God’s creatures. Be loving to every kind.

Great people will copy great people, who are great. Not people, but the special one in truth of wisdom of your/our living God,our loving living Creator whose presence is everywhere, omnipotent in sacrifice free for all, in humility, mercy, kindness, grace, radiance, humbleness without selfishness in fullness of maturity without ignorance/blemish/lifeless actions in it but in full of life; Yahuwah’s salvation in strength.

Foolish people will copy foolish people. Change your small, foolish mindset first. First avoid the weak word, ‘mindset’ from your ignorant thoughts. I don't plan as such. I think at once, say at once, write at once, speak at once, act at once, then I leave it to you for your appreciation for change in yourselves. I don't think too much.That’s why I said I observe you more than you, so don't see your untimely action as my untimely action. I am already on time that you don't know about.

Kindly refer to my other published contexts with this, also. Only 40-50 min read.

So, everyone’s and each one’s presence matter here in truth of wisdom in your/our living God, our living, loving Creator.

So, let living God’s angels cover the people of this Universe in ‘Kripa’- free sacrificial situation’s Grace.

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