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Disabilities rights

A few weeks ago, I decided to know  by experience how persons with disabilities are treated vis-a-vis their rights and privileges. I went to one government medical facility and when I approached the receptionist who's a nurse from her uniform.  She told me to hold on so I decided to queue up. She came and took several consultation books and calling even people who came after me. I then drew her attention that it seems she's forgotten about me in my small French. She now came to me and took my book in. It was another test of patience. I finally was shown where to pay for my consultation. I went to a  small window and when it was my term, I presented my National Disability Card. She stretched her left hand to collect the money. I told her by that card I'm free from payment. She told me to excuse her , after a few minutes,  she returned with surely her boss. The lady greeted me and asked what the issue was. I  explained to her as I did to the cashier, she said she's never handled a case like that. After seeing how determined and confident I presented my case, she said she's sorry that they do not have the form from the ministry but that let me go and consult.
After waiting for my turn,  my name was finally called and in taking my vital signs, the nurse requested for my receipt from the cashier. I gave her my card and she expressed in English that she didn't know that it gives right to free consultation. I  then proceeded to the female Doctor who also expressed ignorance about the rights that go along with the National Disability Card. 
After all the interrogation,  one thing is clear that most of the medical authorities aren't aware of this law that was signed in 2010 and the text of application signed by the Prime minister in 2018.
Maybe the authorities should include in the curricula and also seminars to sensitize the medical personnel on the importance and implementation of this decree. I  can imagine how many persons with disabilities have been treated as such.

Human Rights
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