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Disability and society

Let's talk about the marriage of a young girl with a disability ♿♿♿♿♿ if other girls are victims of early marriage, young girls with disabilities are victims of late marriage, yes for several socio-cultural reasons, but also economic ones. . Representing 1.5% of the Cameroon population, of which 47% are girls and women, people with disabilities in general are all victims of marginalization but particularly girls and women, they are doubly victims not only because they are girls or women but also because of their weight. of their deficiencies. Today, when you are a disabled girl, finding a husband becomes another ordeal because in our societies a disabled girl is seen in another way, she is mystified and several ideas revolve around it. * The first idea is to say that a disabled girl would be unable to run a household, be a good housewife * The second idea which consists in thinking that a disabled girl is not able to give birth because having a physical deformation or psychological problem could prevent her from reproducing * The third idea that the disability is hereditary so if you marry a disabled girl she will only have disabled children like her * The fourth idea is to believe that marrying a disabled girl is a heavy economic burden. These are ideas and thoughts that mystify disability, that drive discrimination and marginalization within our societies. Despite all these obscure ideas and thoughts there are some men who commit to marrying a disabled girl maiks who make the family reluctant In the meantime I'm looking for the money to be able to buy husband

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