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Disarming words

I am now reading a very interesting book, well, actually it is a Dictionary written by journalists and for journalists, however, I am sure that the content it is useful for all the citizens.

The name of this book is “Desarmando la palabra” (Disarming words) and it was edited for a Colombian Journalist Organization called “Medios para la Paz” (Media for Peace)

From A to Z, this book gives around 1,000 terms about war, peace, human rights, economy, army, violence, and a long, long etcetera.

The intention is the most interesting thing of this book, as far as they are trying to explain to journalist the vocabulary used not only in formal and high conversations and documents, but also by giving those terms used for people or armed groups.

We use to believe that “Language” it is a simple word, but for sure: it is not. We use many kinds of languages: physical, spoken or written…

And we have to remember: Semantics is not “an innocent” collection of words in a speech. The language used by governors, publicity, media, violent groups, and even for all of us have always (and I mean always) an intention behind the words.

Then, we must remember: “our words” could be our own bridge to build peace and negotiation, or in the opposite, could be our own wall or (worst yet) our gun to kill any opportunity to find solutions.

Unfortunately, for now this Dictionary it is only available in Spanish… if some of you are interested on the content, here is the website of this Colombian journalists organization:

However … In my own documents I found other guides that could be useful for you, “brave women interested on world problems, and working together through Internet”

Here I am attaching you a couple of interesting documents:
1) Guidebook for Online Ethics and
2) Media Development Strategy _Crisis States Report

Hope it help you in your work … in your life.

Kind regards to all of you girls !!! Sincerely: Xthina " )

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